World Series
Coney Island vs Long Island

The American League sends the Long Island Ducks - owned and operated by Tom Meade. The are formidable winning the AL East with 106 wins, tops in WIBL this year. They were tops in pitching (3.16 era), scoring (854 runs), 3rd in homers (237) and 5th in average. They boast a solid starting rotation.

They've been here before:
2012 they won the World Series in 7 games
2013 they lost the World Series in 5 games

What's the connection between then and now?  Those two series appearances were against the Coney Island Cyclones. Post season history for these two is tightly intertwined.  And to add the intrigue, the Long Island Ducks can trace their original to the Myrtle Beach ForeRunners - the team originally founded by the Cyclones GM - Bill Schindel.  Can it get any more interesting?

The National League representative - Coney Island Cyclones are making their 3rd trip to the series. In addition to the two trips mentioned earlier, they were also here in 2014, losing out to Elmjack in 6 games.

The Ducks got here winning their LDS series in 6 games and their LCS series in 5 games.  Rested and ready.
The Cyclones got here winning their LDS series in 7 games and their LCS series in 6 games.  A little bit more used, however, in game 6 of the NL LCS, the Cyclones lost one of their key players - Jarrod Dyson - for the duration of the series.  His .305/.347/724 will be missed along with his stellar defense AND 28 stolen bases.  A spark of the highest order.

Long Island features a solid starting rotation, a medium to strong bullpen and plenty of power! Carter (43), Donaldson (38) and Murphy (26) lead the outburst. Coney Island on the other hand has a weaker rotations and their hopes lie in lasting long enough to turn it over to the bullpen. Cyclones were 7th in NL scoring but they were 2nd in the NL in runs allowed.  They scratch out wins, use their modest power - Beltre ((24), Desmond (20) and Shaw (20) homers - and couple it with speed 110 SBs. Should be a great matchup.

GAME 1 - Rick Porcello (23-5, 2.68) vs. Miguel Gonzalez (13-6, 2.80)
Elvis Andrus opens the game with a blast to CF for a double.  With one out, Murphy singles scoring Andrus and Gonzo is breathing hard on the mound. But he gets Donaldson and Carter to put the ball on the ground and the side is retired. Porcello looks like himself in the bottom half fanning Gardner and the getting Pedroia to ground out. Then Pence works him for a walk and Adrian Beltre takes advantage by hitting a fly to CF that just keeps going for a two run homer and the Cyclones escape the 1st with a 2-1 lead. 

The next threat comes in the 3rd when Porcello leads off with a single. But Andrus bounces into a DP and things die down. In the top of the 4th with 2 outs, Schindel replaces Gonzo with Richard Bleier to face Jeremy Hazelbaker - whiff, still 2-1.

Bottom of the 5th and Marte singles.  Schindel decides to send in Arcia to PR (and replace as SS with his better glove). Narvaez at the plate and Arcia steals 2nd. Next pitch he takes off again and swipes 3rd. Finally Narvaez decides to swing at something and bloops a dying quail for an rbi single and a 3-1 lead.  Cyclones working to get anything to protect against Porcellos and the big bat Ducks. With one out, Porcellos hits Gardner (seemed like frustration or vengeance), fortunately Gardner shook it off. So Schindel takes this moment to look for more and send Trayce Thomspon (replacement for Dyson) in to PR for Narvaez.  Then they call the double steal - and it's successful.  Runners on 2nd and 3rd - 1 out. But big bad Rick digs in and fans Pedroia and then gets Pence to fly out to end the threat, but it is now 3-1 Coney Island.

Johnson comes in to pitch the 6th and walks his first batter Tyler Naquin. Johnson settles and gets Murphy on a long fly, then fans Donaldson and pops up Carter. He sets them down in order in the 7th. 

Heath Hembree is brought in to pitch the 7th , Schebler going to RF batting 9th, Hembree moves into the 6th slot, Parker leaves. Arcia leads off the 7th with a single and takes 2nd on when Schebler bobbles the ball - picking on the new comers right away. Ruiz then grounds out moving Arcia to 3rd. Miguel Rojas comes in to PH for Johnson, the infield is in and Rojas walks. Gardner up and he lofts one to LF, Hazelbaker snags it, turns and throws, Arcia races home and scores easily giving Coney Island some more insurance. Hembree then settles down, but at the end of the inning he had given up 1 unearned run and it's now 4-1 Cyclones.

With Rojas pinch hitting for Johnson, Schindel now turns it over to Dan Jennings - looking for a 6 out save?? Schebler up, but Guyer pinch hits and flies out. Andrus then tops one toward second and beats the throw to first. Naquin follows and tags a Jennings pitch to RF that rolls to the gap for a double and Andrus holds at 3rd. Murphy then grounds to the defensive minded Arcia at SS, it's a slow chopper that is barehanded, he throws to 1st and it's high, Teixeira can't handle it. Andrus scores easily on the grounder but Naquin also comes around to score making it 4-3.  Jennings' time on the mound is turning into a nightmare and Donaldson is up. They're working on each other and with a 2-2 count Jennings throws one in, low, but Donaldson couldn't stop his swing and he's out. But Chris Carter is still there - and Jennings throws the heat and fans him as well to end the 8th.  4-3 Cyclones, most of the insurance is gone. Hebree returns to the mound in the bottom half and Pence leads off and muscles one right over the left field wall to regain some insurance making it 5-3. Only blemish for Hembree in the 8th, but it was a big one.

9th inning - Manny Pina comes in to PH for Hazelbaker and Schindel brings in Blake Treien. Pina blasts one to right center that just misses clearing the fence. Gardner plays the carom and Pina tried to get a double, but he looked like Smokey Burgess on the base path (sloooow) and they nail him at second for the 1st out. Matt Adams to PH for Hembree and he strikes out. Travis d'Arnaud follows and he whiffs too and the game is over.

Summary: Timely homers and speed on the base path (4 SBs) allowed Cyclones to win the opener despite being outhit.

LID 100 000 020 3-7-1 LP Porcello (0-1)
CIC 200 010 11x 5-5-1 WP Bleier (1-0) S Treinen (1)
HRs: CIC - Beltre (1, 1st inning off Porcello, 1 on), Pence (1, 8th inning off Hembree, 0 on)

GAME 2 - Kenta Maeda (15-9, 3.40) vs. Bryan Mitchell (4-1, 4.14)  With the opening game win and Blach still available, the home town fans are building up a fervor of optimism.  Nevermind the level of support and excitement.  People at the amusement part were getting nevous when the roller coasters reached the apex of the 1st hill because the noise from the stadium was reverberating to the extent the coaster foundations were shaking!

Top of the 1st and Naquin draws a 1 out walk. Murphy up, Naquin takes off and Murphy lines one over third down the line into the corner.  Naquin keeps running and scores, Murphy gets a double. Donaldson grounds out but Carter walks but Mitchell fans Hazelbaker to end the inning but the Ducks do more than waddle to a 1-0 lead. 

Top of the 3rd, top of the order. Mitchell gives up a single to Andrus and Cyclones pull the double switch. Blach in to pitch (batting 7th) and Arcia in to SS batting 9th. Naquin grounds one to Arcia and of course he bobbles it, throws too quickly to 1st and it skips past Shaw. Andrus to 3rd, Naquin holds at 1st. Murphy follows and flies out to Pence, but not deep enough to test his arm. Donalson steps in a singles scoring Andrus, Naquin holds at 2nd. Carter flies out to RF, Naquin moves to 3rd. Hazelbaker fans for the 2nd time to end the threat but now it's 2 Quacks to 0 Nathans!  (2-0 LID)

Cyclones finally get a hit when Narvaez singles to lead off the 3rd, but it's the 4th inning when they get on the board. Pence leads off with a single. Beltre then grounds to Andrus at short, no chance at 2nd and he throws high to 1st drawing Carter off the bag. Desmond then hits into a FC with Pence moving to 3rd. Shaw up and Desmond steals 2nd to get 2 runners into scoring position. Shaw then hits a slow chopper to Andrus for the 6-3 out but Pence scores cutting the Duck lead in half. Blach steps in and he bats and bloops one to LF that stays up and Desmond scores to tie the game 2-2. Narvaez then walks and Arcia comes to the plate a loops one on a line into left. Hazelbaker has a long way to go, runners are moving, and Hazelbaker charges hard and just makes the shoe string catch to end the inning, 2-2 tie after 4. 

The tie only lasts until the bottom of the 5th. Gardner leads off and gets his 1st hit of the series - a double. 1 out and Pence singles to RF scoring Gardner to make it 3-2 Cyclones after 5.

6th inning - top half. Blach still on the hill and Chris Carter takes advantage and launches one to the moon to tie the game 3-3. Blach then gets the next 3 - he walks back to the dugout and you can read the "I wish I had that pitch back" thought all over his face. Bottom half, Maeda still hurling and Shaw leads off with a shot that carries over Naquins head and hits off the wall in right center. Shaw ends up at 2nd. Ruiz comes in to PH for Blach and grounds to Murphy at 2nd for the out but moves Shaw to 3rd. Narvaez then hits a nubber to the left side, Andrus charges, thinks twice, and throws to first for the out but Shaw scores and the Cyclones reclaim the lead 4-3!

Marinez is now the new Cyclones pitcher to start the 7th. Top of the Long Island order coming up. Andrus doubles. Schindel calls for Bleier to comes in to face the lefties Naquin and Murphy. He did well in the short sting in game 1. It pays off as he gets Naquin to pop up to Ruiz, 1 out. Then Murphy bloops one toward 2nd and Pedroia hauls it in, two outs. Now to deal with Donaldson and he grounds one toward short that gets past Arcia into LF. Pence races in, Andrus rounds third and he easily beats the throw home and the game is tied 4-4! Carter up - and he flies out.  Long Island converts the lead-off double into the tying run. 

We move to the 8th and it's still tied 4-4. Bleier still on the mound, Guyer into PH for Hazelbaker and he doubles to start the inning (two innings in a row! and a lead-off homer in the 6th - Long Island is heating up and beginning to pour it on!!). Parker is being pulled for PHitter Manny Pina.  And Bleier is being pulled for senior citizen Matt Belisle. Pina executes a successful sacrifice getting Guyer to 3rd. d'Arnaud then grounds one to Shaw at first who touches it up himself all the time keeping a strong watchful eye on Guyer at 3rd. Maeda up and Schebler comes in to PH. Maeda goes 7, 6 hits, 4 run (2 earned), 7 ks. Schebler works Belisle for a walk moving up his pitch count and keeping the inning alive. With Andrus up, he rips down the LF line, Guyer scores, DUCKS lead. Schebler is held at 2nd, Andrus on 1st, 5-4 Long Island. Rosario is called to PR for Schebler.  And Schindel is calling for a new pitcher again.  This time he calls on Adam Warren - it's been a while since his last appearance and Schindel is hoping for some serious boost in his energy.  He doesn't get it as Warren really looks rusty (not itchy). Naquin spanks one hard into the hole on the right side Desmond is racing after it. PR Rosario never stops and he scores standing up. Naquin ends up on 2nd, Andrus at 3rd and the Ducks now lead 6-4!  And Warren is asked to give up the ball as Schindel brings in Johnson. He gets Murphy to fly out ending the inning, but ...  The Crowd is silent!

Well since Maeda left for a PHitter, the Ducks call on Brian Ellington. Beltre leads off with a single. Desmond pops out.  But Travis Shaw does the miracle thing hitting a long opposite field fly that clears the wall for a game tying 2 run homer!!  Crowd is back, Cyclones are back. Of course the only problem with a homer is it clears the bases. With the prospects of Donaldson, Carter and Guyer to lead off the 9th and two outs in the 8th, Schindel has Johnson hit for himself.

9th inning - top half and it's fly out, K and ground out and the Johnson move works. Bottom half. Arcia, Gardner, Pedroia.  Get eithe of those first two guys and and things can happen. Arcia flies out.  Gardner however, with Jones pitching, rips a double! And then he steals 3rd.  1 out and Pedroia steps up (a .317 hitter over the season). Jones sets, fires it in and Pedroia smacks it hard, on a line and Jones throws up his glove and that's where the ball goes.  Two outs.  Pence up and he too hits it back to Jones, this one on the ground, Jones fields trots toward 1st, tosses it and 3 outs, threat killed.  We move into that upper stratosphere of playoff free baseball where everything is magnified!

10th - Johnson still pitching and Matt Adams leads off PHitting for Jones. He flicks one just over Pedroia for a single.  But Johnson gets d'Arnaud to ground into the 6-4-3 DP. Good thing for Coney Island as Rosario follows with a double but is stranded on a weak pop fly out by Andrus (who had 3 hits up to the this point). Bottom half and the reptile takes the mound for Long Island - Marc Rzepczynski. He gets Beltre, Desmond (still hitless) and Shaw.  

11th Shaw will be leaving as Treinen comes in to pitch, Teixeira goes to 1B. Naquin leads off and slashes one over Arcia for a single and his 3rd hit of the game. Murphy then launches one that Pence chases down on the warning track. Whew, the crowd had to take a collective breath on that one. But Donaldson is next. Treinen is spending a lot of time keeping and eye on Naquin. It was a tactic to keep Donaldson unsettled and it worked as he fans him.  But Carter is still waiting. He steps in, the pitch, sounded like a major firecracker as the ball left his bat and flew WAY OVER THE CF WALL for a 2 run homer (his second of the game!) and the Ducks now have a big 2 run lead in the 11th.  Talk about wind coming out of the sails. You could hear a pin drop, they only noise coming from the visitor's dugout. Guyer than fans, but it might be too late.

Bottom of the 11th - Ruiz, Teixeira and Arcia schedule against the reptile. Sardinas comes in to play 2b - defensive move and Ruiz leads off shooting one toward the 2nd base area (or course) and Sardinas is up to the task. 1 out. Teix up and he hits one into the hole at 2nd and again Sardinas snares it and on to 1st - 2 outs! Arcia up and he gives Sardinas a break and strikes out Arcia and the Ducks are all out quacking around the mound in celebration, the Cyclones are windless heading into the clubhouse.

Summary: Classic contest, roller coaster scoring, free baseball, CHRIS CARTER - 2 homers, big one the 2 run blast in the 11th.

LID 101 001 120 02  8-14-1 WP Rzepczynski (1-0) BS Ellington (1)
CIC 000 211 020 00  6- 9-1 LP Treinen (0-1) BS Bleier (1)
HRs: LID - Carter 2 (1, 6th inning off Blach 0 on, 2 11th inning off Treinen, 1 on); CIC - Shaw (1, 8th inning off Ellington, 1 on)

Series moves out to the Island - well further out - as the Ducks host the next three.  They want to win it all at home, Cyclones want to scratch out at least one win, but will seek 2 or 3!!!!

The World Series heads back to Long Island with the teams locked at 1 game apiece.

Game 3 - Tanner Roark for Coney Island vs. Ian Kennedy for Long Island

Brett Gardner led off the game with a double but Kennedy retired the next 3 batters.  In the bottom of the 1st, Jarrett Parker walked with 1 out and then singles by Daniel Murphy and Josh Donaldson loaded the bases.  Cyclones catcher Omar Narvaez then allowed a passed ball and the game's first run scored.  Chris Carter made it 2-0 with an RBI single and Scott Schebler followed with a 2 run triple.  Matt Adams singled home Schebler and when the dust settled Long Island led 5-0 after 1 inning.  Travis d'Arnaud singled home another run for the Ducks in the 3rd inning and that would be all for Roark as Adam Warren came on in relief.  Ian Desmond got Coney Island on the board in the 4th with an RBI single and with 2 outs Mark Texiera launched a grand slam and it was a brand new game.  John Axford came on to relieve Kennedy.  In the bottom of the 4th, Carter hit his 3rd homer of the series, a solo shot to make it 7-5 in favor of Long Island but Ian Desmond's solo shot in the top of the 5th made it a 1 run game again.  Coney Island put runners on the corners in the 6th with 2 outs but Brian Ellington came on from the pen to fan Dustin Pedroia to preserve the 1 run lead for the Ducks.  RF Desmond preserved the 1 run deficit in the 7th when he robbed d'Arnaud of a homer with a great catch.  In the bottom of the 8th, Long Island's Josh Donaldson launched a 2 run homer to increase the Ducks' lead to 9-6.  Ducks' closer Nate Jones hurled a 1-2-3 ninth and Long Island took a 2 games to 1 series lead with their 9-6 win.

                         R  H  E
CI  0 0 0  5 1 0  0 0 0  6  9  1 LP: Roark(0-1)
LI  5 0 1  1 0 0  0 2 x  9 12  0 WP: Axford(1-0)
                                 SV: Jones(1)

HR: CI - Desmond(1), Texiera(1)
    LI - Carter(3), Donaldson(1)

Game 4 - Ivan Nova for Coney Island vs. Rick Porcello for Long Island

Elvis Andrus started theing off with a double in the home 1st and 1 out later Daniel Murphy doubled him home for an early 1-0 lead for Long Island.  Dustin Pedroia got Coney Island's first hit in the 4th, a leadoff double.  2 outs later Ian Desmond launched a 2 run homer and the Cyclones took a 2-1 lead.  Travis Shaw then singled and took 2nd on an error and Omar Narvaez singled him home and Coney Island led 3-1 after 3 and a half.  Jeremy Hazelbaker was caught looking with runners on 2nd and 3rd an 1 out in the bottom of the 4th and was ejected for arguing.  Nova retired Travis d'Arnaud to end the threat.  Long Island again put runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out in the 5th but this time Josh Donaldson singled home a run and then 1 out later Scott Schebler launched a huge 3 run homer and Long Island jumped on top 5-3 after 5 innings.  Clayton Richard came on to start the 7th inning for Long Island and pitched a scoreless inning.  Josh Donaldson singled home a run for the Ducks in the bottom of the 7th.  Heath Hembree relieve Richard in the top of the 8th and the Cyclones failed to score.  Matt Adams added another run for the Ducks in the 8th with an RBI double.  Brian Ellington started the 9th inning for Long Island and he allowed 2 runners to reach with 2 outs and Nate Jones was called on to get the last out which he did to earn the save.  Long Island won 7-3 and took a commanding 3 games to 1 lead in the series.

                         R  H  E
CI  0 0 0  3 0 0  0 0 0  3  6  0 LP: Nova(0-1)
LI  1 0 0  0 4 0  1 1 x  7 12  2 WP: Porcello(1-1) 
                                 SV: Jones(2)

HR: CI - Desmond(2)
    LI - Schebler(1)

Game 5 - Miguel Gonzalez for Coney Island vs. Johnny Cueto for Long Island

Coney Island got off to a quick start with an Adrian Beltre sac fly in the first after Brett Gardner led off the game with a double.  Gardner added to the lead with his 2nd inning RBI single and a wild pitch allowed another run to score as the Cyclones took a 3-0 lead after an inning and a half.  Long Island got their first hit in the 4th on a leadoff single by Elvis Andrus.  Andrus then stole 2nd and scored on a Matt Adams double.  Daniel Murphy singled putting runners on the corners and Josh Donaldson then grounded into a double play with Adams scoring and it was a 1 run game after 4 innings.  Gardner singkled leading off the 5th for Coney Island and Dustin Pedroia singled him to 3rd.  Beltre and Pence were then struck out and Ian Desmond flew out to the warning track in RF as Cueto got out of the jam unscathed.  Coney Island loaded the bases with 2 outts in the 6th but reliever Mark Rzepcynski retired Pedroia on a ground out to end the threat.  The game headed to the bottom of the 8th with the same score and Long Island got 2 out singles by Elvis Andrus and Matt Adams to put runners on the corners against Coney Island reliever Jason Jennings.  That brought up Daniel Murphy who ripped a fly ball to CF that one hopped the wall.  Matt Adams raced around the bases to beat the throw home and the Ducks took a 4-3 lead!  Nate Jones came on to pitch the 9th for Long Island.  Mark Texiera led off with a single and Miguel Rojas came on to pinch run.  Rojas took off for 2nd and was thrown out stealing by Travis d'Arnaud who entered the game in the 8th as a pinch hitter.  Brett Gardner then hit one to deep CF but Brandon Guyer raced back and tracked it down for the 2nd out.  Dustin Pedroia then launched a long solo homer and the game was tied at 4!  Adrian Beltre followed with a solo homer and incredibly the Cyclones led 5-4!  Matt Belisle came on to start the 9th for Coney Island and he walked Guyer to start the inning.  Eddie Rosario then doubled home Guyer and the Ducks tied the game!!!  Jarrett Parker was intentionally walked and d'Arnaud bunted the runners to 2nd and 3rd.  Andrus grounded out with the runners holding and Ty Blach was called on to face Matt Adams.  Here's how Ernie Harwell called it:
* M. ADAMS facing T. BLACH, B 9th, 2 Outs, 2nd and 3rd, Tied 5-5

The runners take their lead ... now the delivery ... hit down the line inside third

BELTRE gloves it ... throws desparately to the plate ... it's all over! ... the run scores

Cyclones 5, Ducks 6

Incredible!  Long Island wins the World Series!!!

                         R  H  E
CI  1 2 0  0 0 0  0 0 2  5 10  1 LP: Belisle(0-1) 
LI  0 0 0  2 0 0  0 2 2  6  8  0 WP: Jones(1-0)

HR: CI - Pedroia(1), Beltre(2)
    LI - none

Wow.  My heart is still pounding.
Congrats to Bill on a great season!  I am truly blessed to be in a league with such great guys and I'm honored to be able to say that the Long Island Ducks are the 2017 Champions!

Championship Series
Coney Island vs Greensboro
Oct. 14 - Coney opens with Bryan Mitchell against Lester.  Giancarlo is still 
injured for the first 2 games so Reddick gets the nod in right.  It's a scoreless 
pitcher's duel till Reddick (who else?) homers in the sixth.   Greensboro goes on 
for the 5-0, 3-hit CG by Lester.  Pujols and Ozuna go back-to-back in the eighth.

Oct. 15 - Roark faces deGrom in game two.  This one's another early pitcher's 
duel with the teams tied at two till the bottom of the seventh when the Hoppers 
plate 4 and then hang on for the 6-2 win.   Arenado goes yard.

Greensboro takes the first two but now they'll face the Coneys at home where 
they are historically very tough.

Grasshoppers come to the park by the ocean and will it be a roller coaster?  They have a 
2-0 lead in the best of 7 series and would be happy to punch their World Series ticket on 
the road.  Cyclones basically have been written off in the press - games 1 and 2 looked so 
dominate in favor of Greensboro - and they haven't even scratched the some of the best 
parts of their bullpen.  But the home team dugout doesn't read the papers - they get out 
on the field and seek to create magic.

Game 3 - MadMax?  Max Scherzer vs. Miguel Gonzalez
Gonzo has been getting used to being a setup starter and this game may be no different.  
He doesn't care - his middle name is TEAM!

Well he stays in in the first in spite of Reddick 1 out double.  And it works out ok for 
In the 2nd Pujols gets a lead-off double and Gonzo gets the hook. Ty Blach enters and gets 
Ozuna and Phillips. Perez then doubles to left and gives Greesnboro first blood, 1-0 in the 
Mean Max throws bullets. In the 4th however, the Roller Coaster car changes direction as 
Gardner leads off with a double. Pedroia then tops one into left and Gardner scores, it 
was close, but no cigar for the Grasshoppers - game tied. 2 outs later a fielding miscue 
on a Teixeira base hit to RF (by Reddick) allows Coney Island to gain a 2-1 lead!!  And 
that's a good thing and Blach is strutting his stuff as he holds the Grasshoppers scoreless 
in the 3rd, 4th and 5th.
Top 6th, a Reddick fly out is followed by a whiff to Trout. Arenado walks and Schindel lets 
Blach pitch to Pujols.  BAD MOVE - Albert crushes one deep to CF, Gardner turned and watch 
and waved to the flight attendant as Greensboro regains the lead, 3-2. 
With the prospect of going down 3 games to none, the Cyclones remained upbeat.  Greensboro 
remained with Muscleman Max.
After Treinen blanked the Hoppers in the 7th, Scherzer came to the hill in the bottom half. 
He gets through Marte and the PHitter Pence. Ruiz comes in to PH for Treinen and to everyoe's 
surprise - he hits one over the CF wall to tie the game. 
Blier comes for the 8th, walks Trout but gets the Grasshoppers to go quietly. Scherzer stays 
in for the 8th. Pedroia and Beltre go down and then Desmond homers to give the Cyclones their 
2nd lead in the game, 4-3!
Dan Jennings comes in for the 9th - seeking to save it. Ozuna grounds out. Phillips Ks and 
then Giancarlo Stanton comes in to PH for Perez! He swings, it's up, but it's a pop up to Teix 
and the Cyclones prevail!

GRE 3- 5-1 LP Scherzer (0-1)  went all 8 innings
CIC 4-11-0 WP Bleier (1-0)
HRs: GRE - Pujols (2); CIC - Desmond (1), Ruiz (1)

Game 4 - Aaron Sanchez vs. Ivan Nova.  Can things get any better?  Greensboro bringing 
a big advantage to the plate with Sanchez vs. Nova, but Nova's had some pretty good 
success (and support) this year.
And Nova gets some pretty decent support from former Grasshopper - Ketel Marte when Marte 
hits a two run homer in the 2nd.  However, in the 3rd Marte muffs a Perez grounder (for 
his 2nd error in the game) and is promptly replaced for the better defense of Arcia - but 
Ketel did his damage, now the fans are hoping it's only offensive damage. Sanchez then 
fouls a 3rd strike bunt and Nunez hits into a DP - and of course Arcia was a key player. 
Top of the 5th, Ozuna up and he hits a blast to RF, Pence chases and makes the catch leaping 
at the wall. At this point, I take a peak and Nova hasn't given up a hit.  So, of course, 
the next batter, Pujols rips a double to right center. Nova then is instructed to give 
Perez the IW to face Sanchez.  No action from the Grasshopper dugout - they love their 
starters. He whiffs, threat over. Even though Nova bats in the 5th, a lead-off single to 
Nunez was enough to pull him. Bleier comes in for another stint and he gets Reddick to 
ground into a DP and then Trout flies out. 
Top of the 7th - Belisle comes in, Ruiz is now the catcher, Teixeira is in - defensive maneuvers. 
Arenado goes over the wall with the first pitch, but foul, then he doubles down the line past 
Beltre. Pujols flies out. Ozuna pops out and then Phillips draws a walk. Perez up and Ruiz is 
quilty of a passed ball moving Arenado to 3rd, Phillips to 2nd. But Belisle regroups and gets 
Perez to pop out. 
Bottom half a lead off walk by Sanchez to Gardner works to Coney Island's advantage as 
Pedroia then singles him to 3rd. Sachez leaves for Familia. Pence up and he flies out deep 
enough to LF to score Gardner, 3-0. After Beltre grounds out, Desmond is given the IW to 
face Belisle. Schindel thinks with the score 3-0 he'd rather let Belisle hit and stay in to 
protect the bullpen and he singles to LF driving in one more run! 4-0 after 7!
Well, the move got Coney a run, but Belisle ended up pitching to only one more batter. 
Josh Bell pinch hits to lead-off the 8th and singles up the middle, out Belisle, in Johnson. 
He get Nunez and Reddick to fly out to CF.  Then Trout doubles but Bell is held at 3rd. 
Arenado then smashes one down the 1b line, but defensive ace Teixeira dives, gets it and 
flips to Johnson for the 3rd out - no runs.
Games go 9 - and in the 9th, Ozuna connects for a 1 out solo homer.  Marinez then comes in 
ad gets the final two out and Coney Island has leveled the series at 2 games.

GRE 1-6-0 LP Sanchez (0-1)
CIC 4-8-2 WP Nova (1-0)
HRs: GRE - Ozuna (2); CIC - Marte (1)

Game 5 - with the series tied up, Schindel decides to go with his original choice to 
start this one, Bryan Mitchell. It's going to be a rematch of game 1 where John Lester 
pitched a 3 hit CG shutout, fanning 8 walking none. Mitchell did well, going 6 giving 
up 4 hits and a run. He'll need to do better and the offense will need to connect if 
Coney Island wants a chance to go up.  Greensboro is relying on their ace to right the 
Sometimes you wonder how things work out. Trout draws a 1 out walk in the 1st, but that 
was the Hoppers 1st inning threat.  But Pedroia mashes a 1 out solo homer in the home 
half of the 1st.  And then with 2 outs, Ketel Marte again strikes out at his former 
team hitting a 2 run triple.  Coney leaves the 1st with a 3-0 lead. And that lead holds 
up through 5 with Mitchel giving up 1 hit.  BUT ...
Nunez leads off the 6th with a single. Mitchell leaves. Bleier comes in - he's been 
money. He walks Reddick.  He didn't get the one guy he was in for. Marinez comes in. 
Oh, boy - he fans Trout, he gets Arenado to pop out to Hedges and he gets Pujols to 
smash a 3 run homer!  WHAT, yes, he delivers a TATER that ties the game. Marinez stays 
in  and pitches a perfect 7th, 
Meanwhile, since that Marte 2 run triple in the 3 run first, the Cyclones have been 
stymied. Lester stays through 7.2 ip and gives up no more runs and fans 10. He does 
however, leave with the bases loaded in the 8th. Wilson is called on and gets Teix to 
pop out to end the threat. To the 9th. 
Treinen, who came in to start the 8th stays in for the 9th. He gives up a lead-off walk 
to Pujols (better than a homer). Stanton flies out. Phillips fans.Perez then hits a 
swinging bunt that Beltre fields and fires, but Perez beats the throw. Anderson in to 
PH for Harris and pops out to Rojas to end the threat.  Bottom of the 9th - Hart in to 
pitch. This is where the totally unexpected happens. Dyson leads off - and walks.  Ruiz 
follows and with Dyson running, he slashes one through the vacant hole moving Dyson to 
3rd - no outs, corners covered and Travis Shaw comes off the bench to PH for Treinen. 
Infield in, Hart pitches, Shaws hits it hard at Pujols and it's by him, Dyson scores 
and it's all over!  Cyclones twister their way back to Greensboro with a 3-2 lead.

GRE 3- 4-0 LP Hart (0-1)
CIC 4-11-0 WP Treinen (1-0) BS Marinez (1)
HRs: GRE - Pujols (3); CIC - Pedroia (1)

Home teams are doing well, which gives Greensboro lots to be thankful for as the series 
shifts back there. Coney Island feels a lot differently than they did after game 2 - belief 
has always been there, but now they have something to finish.  Their ace,  Tanner Roark, 
will start game 6.

Oct. 21 - Roark versus deGrom, and the Coneys take it, 5-1 as the Hoppers drop their 
fourth in a row.  Roark goes the distance as Beltre and Desmond homer.

Congratulations to Bill on a brilliantly played post-season, and best of luck in the 
Long Island vs Beantown
Game 1 - Ervin Santana for Benton vs. Rick pro cello for Long Island

Rick Porcelllo was the story in this one as he fired a 1 hit shutout to lead the 
Ducks to a 1-0 win.  A 6th inning RBI double by Chris Carter drove home the only 
run Porcello would need in this one.  Logan Morrison's 7th inning double broke up 
Porcello's no-hit bid.

Game 2 - Steven Wright for Beantown vs. Ian Kennedy for Long Island

John Jay gave Benton the early lead with a 2 RBI single in the 2nd.  Long Island 
got 1 back in the bottom of the frame but Justin Turner's 2 run homer in the 3rd 
put the Bombers up 4-1.  Long Island cut the lead to 4-2 with another single run 
in the bottom of the 3rd and it remained that way until Chris Carter launched a 
game tying, 2 run homer in the 6th.  It would be a short lived tie as Benton got 
2 right back in the top of the 7th on a Sean Rodriquez sac fly and a Carlos Hernandez 
RBI single.  An then came the bottom of the 7th.  With runners on 1st and 2nd and 2 
outs in the bottom of the 7th, Long Island staged a rally.  Josh Donaldson singled 
home a run.  Chris Carter then launched his 2nd homer of the game, a 3 run shot, 
and the Ducks led 8-6.  But they weren't finished.    Scott Schebler singled, Eddie 
Rosario was hit by a pitch, Brandon Guyer singled home a run, Manny Pina walked and 
Elvis Andrus singled home 2 runs.  When the dust settled, Long Island had an 11-6 lead.  
That would be all the scoring and Long Island leads the series 2 games to none as the 
teams head to Benton for the next slate of games.

Long Island takes 2 games out of 3 from Beantown to win the series 4 games to 1.
Division Series
Long Island vs Wildwood
Game 1 - Madison Bumgarner for Wildwood vs. Rick Porcello for Long Island

Adrian Gonzalez put Wildwood up early with a 2 run homer in the 2nd.  Bumgarner 
was great and Long Island didn't score until the 6th on a sac fly by Adonis Garcia.  
Kelvim Herrera relieve Bumgarner in the 8th and pinch hitter Jeremy Hazelbaker 
greeted him with a game tying homer.  Two outs later, Daniel Murphy hit a solo 
homer and the Ducks led 3-2.  Nate Jones came on in the 9th for Long Island and 
retired the Wave 1-2-3 for the save as Long Island took game 1 by the score of 

Game 2 - Carlos Martinez for Wildwood vs. Ian Kennedy for Long Island

Xander Bogaerts launched a solo homer in the 1st for an early 1-0 lead for 
Wildwood.  It was short lived as Daniel Murphy doubled home the tying run in 
the bottom of the 1st.  Kole Calhoun's solo homer in the 4th broke the tie for 
Wildwood as they took a 2-1 lead.  Both pitchers then were great and the score 
stood 2-1 after 6.  In the 7th, Ian Kinsler was hit by pitch leading off for 
Wildwood and will miss the next 4 days.  Boone Logan relieved Martinez in the 
8th and pitched a 1-2-3 inning and then Matt Strahm came on to pitch the 9th 
for the Wave.  Elvis Andrus walked with 1 out and then Andrus stole 2nd but 
Strahm retired Tyler Naquin and Daniel Murphy for the save as Wildwood tied 
up the series with a 2-1 win.

Long Island is all set for games 3 through 5.

The close games between Long Island and Wildwood continue as they come to Wave Park 
tied at 1

Naquin hits a 2 run homer in the 4th for the Ducks and they add two late in a 4-1 win. 
Ducks up 2 games to 1
Wave take a 4-3 lead through 7 on a A Diaz hit to drive in two. Ducks tie in the 9th and 
win in the 10th 5-4 Jones gets his 3rd save in 3 wins
Vogt hit a 2 run homer in the 7th to put the Wave up 3-2 and they win 4-2 as Bumgarner 
goes the distance 3 games to 2 Ducks

Game 6 - Carlos Martinez for Wildwood vs. Kenta Maeda for Long Island

Long Island struck first as Tyler Naquin singled in the 1st and scored Elvis Andrus 
who walked and stole 2nd to start the game.  Daniel Murphy followed with an RBI double 
and the Ducks led 2-0 after 1 inning.  Andrus doubled home a run in the 2nd to put 
Long Island up 3-0 and it stayed that way through 6.5 innings.  In the bottom of the 
7th with 2 outs, Chris Carter hit a short fly ball to RF and RF'er Andrew Toles and 
SS Xander Bogaerts collided with the ball dropping in for an RBI single and a 4-0 lead.  
Both players had to leave the game with Toles requiring a stretcher.  Lefty Boone Logan 
then relieved Martinez and lefty batter Scott Schebler gave way to right pinch hitter 
Adonis Garcia who promptly launched a 3 run homer and Long Island took a commanding 
7-0 lead.  Eddie Rosario led off the home 8th with a solo shot and Murphy doubled home 
another Duck run with 2 outs to finish the scoring.  Kenta Maeda was phenomenal for 
Long Island as he went the distance on a 4 hit shutout, walking 2 and fanning 13.  
Long Island wins 9-0 and wins the series 4 games to 2.

Congratulations to Wildwood on their fine season.
Beantown vs East Coast
Game 1
Beantown  6 runs on a 3 run blast by Logan Morrison
East Coast  3 runs  Goldschmidt with 2 RBI's
Game 2 
Beantown  6 runs  S. Rodriguez  2 run HR and 2 RBI's
East Coast  5 runs  M. Cabrera  2 hits and 2 RBI's
Beantown takes the 1st 2 games of the series.

Beantown takes the first game but East Coast fights off two elimination games 
and the series heads back to Beantown with Beantown having the series lead 3-2.  
Greensboro vs San Diego
Oct. 4 - Strasberg opens against Lester in a southpaw battle.  Very exciting 
contest with the Hoppers finally scoring the go-ahead run in the bottom of 
the eighth and then holding on in the bottom of the ninth as the Armadillos 
had the potential tying run in scoring position.  Trout and Grandal homer.

October 5 - Darvish faces Aaron Sanchez in this one.  San Diego takes this 
one 6-1 as the Hoppers walk seven and Sanchez continues his inexplicable 
tendency to walk far more batters than he did in the actual '16 season.

The teams split the first 2 and now head to San Diego for the next three.

Scherzer proved too much for the Armadillos. A solo homerun from Stanton in the 
first with a solo shot from Ozuna in the 4th were all tha the Grasshoppers needed. 
Stanton also drove in an insurance run with a double. San Diego managed one run on a 
ground out in the fifth.  3-1 Greensboro now up 2 games to 1.

DeGrom was let down by his defense in the first inning. Fowler led off with a double 
and scored on a dropped fly ball off the bat of Bryant by Reddick in RF. With Rizzo 
at bat, a ground ball to Arenado at third was dropped, Bryant taking third. Solarte 
struck out but Yasiel hit a three run shot to rightfield. Following him Grandal hit a 
solo shot. 5-0 San Diego in the first inning, all unearned.  No more runs for the 
Armadillos in the game, butr Greensboro got 2 in the 7th on a two run shot from Arenado, 
but too little, too late.
San Diego 5-2, series now tied at 2 games.

I thought we had a better chance, but Greensboro is a great team! Game 5 was taken by 
the Grasshoppers 10-0. They really clobbered us behind the pitching of Lester. Homeruns 
from Trout, Arenado and Perez didn't hurt. Now we have to go back to Greensboro to try 
to take 2 games.

October 11 - The Armadillos start Darvish against Aaron Sanchez.   This one's a 
heart-stopper as the Armadillos hang on for the 2-1 win as the Hoppers leave the tying 
run at second in the bottom of the ninth.

October 12 - In the finale it's Samardjiza against Max.  Another heart-stopper, but 
this time the Hoppers prevail, 4-3 as Max wins his second of the series.   The Armadillos 
have a scary roster, and Kris Bryant alone almost gave them the series win.  He hit .391, 
and Rizzo was close behind at .381.  Congratulations to Jim on a fine season and very 
well-constructed roster!   The best the Hoppers could do was Pujols at .292.  
Coney Island vs Brooklyn
Post season is upon us, Codgers vs. Cyclones, bring it on.  Once again the 
defending WIBL champions Brooklyn Codgers enter the NL LDS - but this time 
Schindel will be managing their opposition.  It's tough to think that at this 
time Schindel was filling in for Brooklyn management (but hey a cruise around 
the world - I wouldn't give that up either).

But back to the matter at hand.  Brooklyn, winners of the NL Central, come to 
Coney Island with an 87-75 regular season record. In the 10 games during the 
season, they were 3-7 against the Cyclones (102-60 during the regular season). 
Fielding:  Cyclones were 7th and Codgers 8th overall in the league (no defensive 
gems here).

Batting -  Cyclones were 2nd with .262/.325/.393 split, the Codgers 7th at 
.253/.321/.409.  Codgers have edge in power with 168 homers to 136, Cyclones will 
probably outrun them (110 to 66 SB - although the Codgers were only nailed 6 times 
during the season). Brooklyn outscored Coney Island 734 to 721 and had more walks 
and more strikeouts.

Pitching - These teams are right at the top - just behind Greensboro (but who isn't).  
Cyclone 2nd in the league at 3.22 ERA and Codgers 3rd at 3.42.  Walks are about even 
but Brooklyn fanned 270 more batters and gave up 11 WP to 27 for Coney Island.

So far it looks pretty even - the only area the Cyclones seem to have any 
possible edge is in the bullpen. Cyclones relievers were 35-16/2.61 era and 
50 saves (18 blown saves).  They had a righty closer (Belisle - 19 saves/1.44) 
and a lefty (Jennings 22 saves/2.31)

Codgers bullpen was 16-24, 35 saves and 3.59 era..
BUT the Codgers feature Sale (16-11, 2.24 era in 31 starts) and Verlander 
(20-6, 2.40 era in 32 starts.  They need to come up big. Coney has Roark 
(17-8, 2.43), Gonzalez (13-6, 2.80) and Nova (17-6, 3.40) and will be augmented 
by Bryan Mithcell (with quick hook for Ty Blach).

Now trying playing playoff baseball while watching playoff baseball.

Game 1 - Justin Verlander vs.Tanner Roark - the aces for each team will square 
off to start the series. 
Brooklyn wastes little time with Garcia starting the game with a single but Markakis 
fans. Then with 2 outs Carlos Santana lashes one to RF that scores Garcia and the 
Codgers get on the board 1st, 1-0 in the first. Cyclones get 2 on in the 2nd with 
2 outs but Verlander stops the threat getting Ruiz to hit a lazy fly to LF. 

But he wasn't quite as fortunate in the 3rd. The pitcher's worst nightmare - walk 
his opposing hurler, and Verlander leads off the inning walking Roark. Dyson doubles 
him to 3rd. Gardner then singles them both in for a 2-1 lead. Verlander then gets 
Beltre and Pedroia but has to face Desmond and he grooves one and Desmond makes him 
pay slugging one way over the CF wall for 2 more.  It's now 4-1 end of 3. 

However, the Codgers won their division, they are good and they respond quickly. 
In the 4th. Yelich leads off with a walk and Carlos Santana launches one to right 
center that has enough distance to clear the wall for a 2 run homer (he now has 3 
rbis) and cuts the score to 4-3 Cyclones. (Oye como va!)

However, Roark finds his rhythm and keeps the Codgers off the boards in the next 4 
innings and it's still 4-3 midway through 8. In fact, he only allows 1 base runner. 
Bottom of the 8th, the bottom falls out for Brooklyn. Claudio takes over for Osuna 
walks the bases loaded.  He leaves and Bryan Shaw comes in. Pedroia is first up and 
he drills one past 3b for a 3 run double. Desmond is then given an IW. Teixeira 
grounds into a FC and Arcia walks to load up the bases again. Ruiz comes up and he 
singles scoring 1. Roark bats (he's doing so well) and he hits into a FC - out at 
the plate. Dyson steps in and hits one off the fists to RF and 2 runs score and Roark 
goes to 3rd. This gives the Cyclones 6 runs for a 10-3 lead.  Roark looks around 
the dugout and the outfield and sees no one coming in - so he goes back out to pitch 
the 9th and gives up 2 2 out singles but closes it out for the win.

Brooklyn      3-6-0 LP Verlander (0-1)
Coney Island 10-7-0 WP Roark (1-0)

HR: BRO - Santana (1); CIC - Desmond (1)

Game 2  - Chris Sale vs. Bryan Mitchell. The game is scoreless through 2. Top of 
the 3rd, Sale leads off and flies out. Garcia then coaxs a  walk off Mitchell. And 
with a bunch of lefties coming up, Cyclone call on Ty Blach to pitch. Markakis flies 
out but Yelich walks to put 2 runners on. Carlos Santana up with 2 guys on and he 
grounds out pitcher to first to end the inning. Bottom half, with 1 out, Blach 
reaches when Peralta misplays his slow roller. Gardner then flies to the track. 
Pedroia pulls one sharply past Longoria that Granderson finally gets to and Blach 
is sent home. The throw goes there, Pedroia heads for 3rd, Codgers cut off the throw 
and get Pedroia, but the run scores and it's 1-0 Cyclones after 3. 

Bottom of the 5th, Teixeira gets a 1 out single. Marte moves him to 3rd on a single. 
Dyson comes in to PH for Blach and singles to RF scoring 1 moving Marte to 2nd. and 
have a 2-0 lead after 5. 

Top 6 - Blier comes in and gives up a hit and walk and leaves the game. Jim Johnson 
comes in to quench the flames but with Longoria up he makes his first pitch and it 
gets past Ruiz (PB) and the runners move up (Yelich to 3rd, Santana to 2nd). Cyclones 
brings the infield in and Longoria grounds one to Teix - he fires home and Ruiz gets 
the tag on Yelich, 1 out. Granderson up, runners on the corners and Biagini is brought 
in. Granderson hits one high to RF, Pence goes back on it, takes it in, Santana tags 
and heads home and the throw from Hunter nails it's prey as Santana is called out at 
home. Oye como va! 

Bottom of the 6th - 2 outs and Beltre smashes a double to the gap 
in right center. Desmond then drives him home with a single deep to the right center 
gap for a 3-0 Cyclone lead. Then the Cyclones do the opposite of game one, parading 3 
more relievers to close out the game.  Along the way, they add 2 more runs in the 8th. 
Then in the 9th Longoria leads off against Jennings, hits one to him and he throws it 
away. Granderson then lines one to left center that gets past Desmond. Longoria races 
to 3rd and then turns toward the plate - Desmond throws home and after the collision, 
Longoria is called out. Desmond gets an error - 2 errors for the Cyclones this inning. 
Peralta then grounds out, Grandy moves to 3rd. Belisle comes in - and quickly tosses 
a WP giving the Codgers a run - spoiling the shutout  Barnhart then grounds out to 
end the game.

Brooklyn     1-5-1 LP Sale (0-1)
Coney Island 5-8-2 WP Blach (1-0)

Cyclones take a 2-0 lead heading to Brooklyn.  Wait, Coney Island vs. Brooklyn - 
everybody sleeps at home.No subways needed. No bags to pack.  The teams are saving 
so much on travel expenses, they're giving away Nathan's!!

Cyclones plan to start Gonzalez, Nova and Mitchell for games 3, 4, and 5 (
if necessary - most likely it will).

Brooklyn (Codgers, not Cyclones) down 2-0 and things not looking good as their best 
pitchers, Verlander and Sale, have been hammered.

Game 3 - Codgers jump out in first inning on 2 singles, a wild pitch by Gonzalez, 
and double by Yelich.  Santana walks then Longoria singles in Yelich for a 3-0 lead.  
After 2 outs Barnhart hits a double and it's 5-0.  Not content to be scoreless Desmond 
hits a 2 run shot off Fulmer in the second to close it to 5-2.  They continue to pound 
Fulmer (despite his 13 grade his ERA was 4.37 during the season) with multiple hits to 
close it to 5-4, 1 out, runners on second and third.  Codgers manager pulls Fulmer 
(Gonzalez already pulled for a pinch hitter) so both pitchers have sucked so far (somewhat 
similar to the early going in this year's playoffs).  Abad comes in to face Gardner and 
gets him to line out into a DP, preserving the (fragile) lead..  In the   a walk, force 
out then a double by Peralta plates the Codgers 6th run, then Utley pinch hits a single 
off Biagini to get their 7th.  In the 6th Mauer pinch hits for Claudio and slams a solo 
shot off Johnson to make it 8-4.  Codgers load the bases on 2 singles and a walk and 
Longoria doubles them all in to make it 11-4 and finally the Codgers are breathing a 
(little) easier.  It ain't over yet as Hedges hits a pinch hit double and Gardner doubles 
him in off Kelley.  Codgers get it right back as Marinez walks Garcia and Yelich gets 
his second double of the game.  In the bottom of the eighth Barnhart doubles in Brooklyn's 
13th run.  Blevins escapes a 1 out 2nd-3rd situation with a dp as the Codgers win 13-5 
in a wild game, closing the series to 2-1 Cyclones.  Abad wins, Gonzalez loses.

Game 4 - The Cyclones start off the scoring after a single by Shaw and a double by 
Marte off Asher in the second. Codgers tie it up then go ahead with singles by Garcia, 
Santana, Longoria and Granderson off Nova.  Things stay the same until the 7th when 
Pedroia singles,  Codgers replace Asher with Shaw, who tries to pick Pedroia off and 
throws the ball away.  A batter or two later it's Shaw vs Shaw, and Travis wins the 
matchup by singling in Pedroia to tie the game.  Bottom of the frame Crisp walks and 
Garcia doubles him in on a hit and run for the lead, knocking Nova out of a well-pitched 
game.  Marte's error makes it 1stg and 2nd and they load the bases on catcher interference.  
Longoria gets an infield hit off Jennings and it's 4-2.  Tomlinson hits for Shaw (Bryan) 
and gets a sac fly to make it 5-2.  Kintzler comes in for a 2 inning save and the 
series is tied at 2.  Bryan Shaw wins (despite blown save) and Nova loses.

Game 5 - Verlander vs Mitchell.  Brooklyn gets an early run on a walk to Yelich and 
a double by Santana.   Dyson ties it in the 3rd with a solo shot.  Mitchell's wildness 
catches up to him in the 5th after Verlander helps his own cause with a single, a 
double by Garcia and 2 walks, the latter forcing in the tie-breaking run (Mitchell's 
5th walk of the game).  Santana walks to make it 3-1 Codgers, Longoria doubles to 
knock Mitchell out of the game. Peralta singles off Biagini and its 7-1.  Next inning 
Garcia gets on because of an error, Yelich is hit by a pitch, and Santana knocks in 
Garcia.  They're pounding Biagini as Longoria singles in yet another run. Peralta 
continues the onslaught with a ribbie single and it's 10-1.  Two more on Utley's 
pinch hit single then Garcia up, the Codgers having batted around, puts the icing 
on the cake with a Baltimore special and the fans are going wild!  Final score not 
even close - 15-1, Verlander over Mitchell..

Codger bats go wild as they score 33 runs in the home portion of the series to gain a 
3-2 lead.  This time their starting pitching held up and  was the key.  But can they 
conceivably win even 1 more in (the other) Brooklyn?

The Hot Dog series continues as Brooklyn jumps back from a 0-2 deficit to take 3 at 
home and cross town with a 3-2 lead.  Coney Island, back in the playoffs after a brielf 
hiatus, doesn't want to see their season end. So they throw their ace Tanner Roark to 
face Codger stalwart Chris Sale.

Cyclones strike 1st - in the 1st on a Dyson single, steal and Pedroia rbi single. 
They blow it out to 3-0 with 2 in the 4th as Desmond doubles in 1 and Marte knocks a 
SF for 3-0 lead. Cyclones keep adding up runs with another 2 spot in the 5th when Beltre 
smashes a 2 out rbi double followed by a Desmond rbi double - second one of the game 
for Ian.

Codgers don't give up, they finally get to Roark in the 6th when Santana doubles in 
Garcia. Up until then the biggest Brooklyn threat was a runner on 1st and 2nd in the 
2nd with 1 out, but got nadda. 

Teixeira knocked a solo homer (1) in the 6th to get the run back and then Roark took 
a seat the rest of the way.  And except for a walk by Treinen in the 8th (with 1 out) - 
which left a mess for Jennings, who game in and got a DP to end that threat, the bullpen 
was up to the task. Other than the above, they gave up NOTHING.
BRO 1-5-0 LP Sale (0-2)
CIC   6-9-0 WP Roark (2-0)
HR: CIC - Teixeira (1)

So series is all tied up and game 7 is scheduled for tomorrow!  Looks like Michael 
Fulmer for Brooklyn and Miguel Gonzalez for the Cyclones.   All hands on deck for 
this one!!

Sometimes I marvel at how stressful a computer game can be!  Nail biters have you 
sitting on the edge of your seat. - Enough editorializing, let's get to game 7.


Codgers vs. Cyclones - game 7, everything on the line, all hands on deck plus the 
kitchen sink.

Michael Fulmer leads the Codgers chances as he takes the hill. For Coney Island, Miguel 
Gonzalez gets the start - but he knows he has to be perfect to keep it.
In the 1st inning he is getting the Codgers down in order. Bottom half, Fulmer looks a 
bit nervous as he gives up a lead-off walk to Dyson. Dyson takes off with Gardner at 
the plate and drives one through the vacant SS hole moving Dyson to 3rd! Gardner then 
steals 2nd. Pedroia, with the infield DEEP, ground a soft one to Longoria at 3rd, who 
looks home and decides to go after SPEEDY Dyson - and they nail him!  Codger fans (the 
few who got in), go wild.  Beltre then steps up and launches a deep one that scores 
Gardner for a 1-0 lead. Desmond follows with a flyout to end the inning and Brooklyn 
holds the Cyclones to 1 in what could have been MORE.

In the 2nd, Santana leads off cracking a double to the RF gap.  As advertised, Gonzalez 
needed to be perfect, and he leaves, but he knows he got in at least an inning.  Ty Blach 
comes in (2.2 innings in game 2).  This time he goes 4 innings giving up no hits.  He 
easily gets out of the 2nd inning jam and then scatters 3 walks. He leaves in the 5th 
for a pinch-hitter.

BUT - Fulmer, after that first inning shaky start, flashes brilliance himself over the 
next 5.2 innings. It wasn't until the 7th that he got a little unraveled. A one out Marte 
double (his 2nd of the game) and then a 2 out walk to PH Teixeira that the Codgers 
decided he'd done enough. So Claudio is brought in and he gets to fly out to LF to end 
the threat.

THEN COMES the 8th - oh boy!!

With the crowd on the edges of their seats seeing their Cyclones narrowly holding on to 
that slim 1-0 lead. Teixeira stays in for defense and Arcia also comes in to play short 
and Belisle comes in to relieve Johnson (who faced one in the 7th). Belisle is the 4th 
Cyclone reliever in the game. Barnhart leads off and flies out. Crisp comes in to PH for 
Claudio and grounds out to 1st. Garcia comes up - he's been one of the top 3 hitters for 
Brooklyn batting .346 and he works Belisle for a 2 out walk. Crowd stirs - Markakis up, 
hitting near the Mendoza line in the series. Belisle is near perfect on him and then he 
jams him and Markakis is doing what he can for the cause and fights it off and just shear 
muscle that gets it shallow right near the line. It drops behind first and squirt sideways 
into foul ground, it rolls over to the wall. Desmond is racing in and the 3rd base coach 
just green lighted Garcia - practically from the time Markakis hit it, and he heads tot 
he plate, and the throw, and because of the early green light, he was in easily.  AND THE 
GAME is TIED at 1. Well Schindel, who debated this mover before Markakis stepped in, now 
calls for Jennings the lefty, to tackle Yelich and the other lefties. And Jennings comes 
through fanning him - on three pitches!
BUT the 8th continues, however, it's now 1-1.  Fans are really tense, their team hasn't 
done too much since that 1st inning, when they lost a chance for multiple runs and now it's 
tied.  Osuna is coming on to take the mound.Gardner flies out. Pedroia grounds out short 
to first. Beltre comes up and hits one high, hard and far - looks like it will rattle left 
center wall. But no - it ends up sailing up and way over the wall for a big-time 2 out solo 
homer in the 8th and the Cyclones retake the lead, 2-1. Osuna is digging holes on the mound, 
you can see him muttering in Spanish "solo uno más" (just one more out). We're not sure what 
else he might have been saying.  So, after all that, Ian Desmond steps up to the plate and 
he launches a fly to LF and all Granderson does is watch it as it leaves the park - a back 
to back homer - and some hometown insurance. Ruiz then comes up and walks and then makes 2nd 
when Arcia misses the H&R attempt. Caught them napping. Then Arica is intentionally walked. 
But Jennings gets to bat and ground out.  Schindel wants him for the 9th.
Top of the 9th, Cyclones up 3-1 - Jennings on the mound and SANTANA LONGORIA and GRANDERSON 
are scheduled to hit. 
Santana - lead off walk!!!! Longoria follows and delivers a slow chopper to Arcia who gets 
him at first, one down. Granderson then connects on a Jennings pitch, a frozen rope to 
center that Gardner gets to for the 2nd out. Peralta up ... the Codgers season is hanging 
on his shoulders, he represents the tying run. Jennings the pitch and Peralta gets a bat on 
it, but it's a soft roller to Beltre, who fields it and fires it to Teixeira at first for 
the out and that's 3 of them and the game is over - Cyclones prevail 3-1. Codgers manage 3 
hits (and 5 walks) but the 2 homers in the 8th give the game to the home team.

BRO 1-3-0 LP Osuan (0-1)
CIC 3-6-0 WP Jennings (1-0) BS Belisle (1)
HRs: CIC - Beltre (1), Desmond (3)

Fantastic series - at times it seem liked a pitcher's paradise and then boom, the bats 
go nuts. Brooklyn outscored the Cyclone 39-32, outhit them .234 to .225. Cyclones did 
get 6 homers to 3 and 7/8 stolen bases to NONE for Brooklyn (Codgers ran more last year). 
But the biggest difference came from the bullpens. While the Codgers pen won 2 of their 
3 games, they also had a 4.43 era.  The Cyclones on the other hand also won 2 game in 
the pen, but they had a 2.93 era and carried the team in those two wins when their 
offense was limited. 

SERIES MVP - Notable performances from several Codgers makes this a tougher decision: 
Longoria hits .429 with 3 runs and 9 rbis; Garcia bats .346 and scores 11 times. Santana 
is strong too batting .320 with 8 hits and 7 ribs.
But with all that, the MVP ends up going to Ian Desmond who hit .333 with 4 doubles and 
3 homers and 11 rbis.

So that's it and it's on to Greensboro to face the mighty Grasshoppers who posted a 
team ERA of 1.89 vs. the potent San Diego Armadillos in their 7 game series. Greensboro 
also hit 8 homers in the series. Should be fun and exciting - Cyclones hoping to match 
the outcome of their season series where they were up 6 games to 4 - but Schindel is 
sure Berger is gunning for a big series win!

Finally and foremost - congratulation to Malcolm for again putting a great team on 
the field and leading to the playoffs.   Look forward to our matchups next year.
Week of October 2
East Coast vs Arizona
This series goes down to the 5th game and the last play.

Heading into the last series of the season, the Arizona Dust Devils sitting at 
82-75 have a .5 game lead on the East Coast Rockies as they sit at 81-75.

Game 1: 

Standings before 

W    L   GB   MG#

Arizona Dust Devils  82 – 75  -     6
East Coast Rockies   81 – 75  .5    -

After two innings the game is tied 1-1 but for the Rockies it was a costly inning 
at they lose both Walker (5 games) and Span (2 games) on the same play.

4th inning Rockies get a 3-run blast from Oduble Herrera and the Rockies scored 
a total of 4 in the frame to take a 5-2 lead.

top 7: The Dust Devils get their first two on and the Rockies bring in Aroldis 
Chapman who promptly closes the threat, no runs scored.

Chapman goes two perfect innings and Zach Britton comes in and works a perfect 
9th for the save and the Rockies move into 1st place by a ˝ game.

R  H  E

Arizona Dust Devils  3  8  0
East Coast Rockies   9  16 0

W, H. Santiago (11-12)
L, J. Ross (6-8)


Arizona: none
East Coast: O. Herrera (8), P. Goldschmidt (23)
Standing after game 1:

W    L   GB   MG#

East Coast Rockies   82 – 75  -     5
Arizona Dust Devils  82 – 76  .5    -

Game 2: 

Top 2: Adam Lind ties the game for the Dust Devils with the solo shot

Top 6: The Dust Devils have 1st and 3rd with 1 out and the Rockies bring in 
Wade Davis on the first pitch the Dust Devils try the double steal and the 
Rockies cut the run down at the plate, now with 2 outs and a runner on 2nd 
Davis gets the third out.

Top 7: In the top of the 7th, the DD get a runner on 3rd with no out and 
Adam Lind rips a line drive to Kipnis who fires to 3rd to double up Moreland 
at 3rd

Bot 7: Carlos Correra puts the Rockies into the lead but,

Top 8: the DD score 2 runs  and take the lead

Going to bottom of the 9th 

David Ortiz strikeout

Miguel Cabrera walks (Marwin Gonzalez PR)

Wilson Ramos doubles down the LF line and the Rockies hold Marwin 
Gonzalez at 3rd

Carlos Gonzalez grounds to SS and the DD cut the run off at home

Now with 2 out and 1st and 3rd, the Rockies send Carlos Correra to the plate, 
Correra hits the ball to deep center over the head of the OFer, Ramos scores 
easily and the Rockies are sending Carlos Gonzalez, the throw comes home and 
Gonzalez is safe

Rockies extend their lead to 1.5 games

R  H  E

Arizona Dust Devils  3  10 0

East Coast Rockies   4  10 0

W, A. Caminero (5-2)
L, C. Devenski  (4-4)


Arizona: A. Lind (14)
East Coast: none

Standing after game 2:

W    L   GB   MG#

East Coast Rockies   83 – 75  -     3
Arizona Dust Devils  82 – 77  1.5   -

Game 3: 

Top 1: DD and Rockies match single runs in the first

Bot 2, Jason Kipnis playing for the injured Neil Walker and in the 8th spot in the lineup delivers a 2-run HR

Bot 4: With 2-outs in the 4th, Paul Goldschmidt delivers a bases clearing 3-run triple.  
David Ortiz follows with a 2-run HR

Top 5: Leading off the top of the 5th Adam Lind goes deep for the DD making the score 8-2

Top 9: The DD load the bases with no out in the top of the 9th and the Rockies bring 
in Zach Britton to protect the 6-run lead

Betts top the ball in front of the plate, the Rockies go to 1st to get the out and 
DD pick up a run making the score 8-3

DD pinch hit with  Trea Turner for Adam Dahl, Turner delivers with a broken bat 
bloop scoring Lind and Galvis advance to 3rd, score 8-4

-Britton gets Lamb on strikes for the2nd-out

-Severino launches a deep fly ball to left but it falls short in front of the wall 
and Carlos Gonzalez brings it in for the final out

The Rockies now extend their division lead to 2.5 games and their magic number is 1

R  H  E

Arizona Dust Devils  4  13 1
East Coast Rockies   8  10 0

W, L. Perdomo (6-9)
L, M. Moore(14-9)


Arizona: A. Lind (15)
East Coast: D Ortiz (50), J. Kipnis (7)

Standing after game 3:

W    L   GB   MG#

East Coast Rockies   84 – 75  -     1
Arizona Dust Devils  82 – 78  2.5   -

Game 4: 

Top 1: DD jump out to the quick 2-0

Top 2, Jake Lamb hits a 3-run bomb and Odor adds a 2-run bomb, DD are up 8-0

Bot 2: Carlos Correra knocks a 2-run HR in the bot 2, 

DD add 3 more in the Top of 6th and go on to win 11-3 closing the Rockies 
lead to just 1.5 games

R  H  E

Arizona Dust Devils  11 18 0
East Coast Rockies   3  10 0

W, T. Walker (13-10)

L, S. Miller (9-8)


Arizona: J. Lamb (28), R. Odor  (25), A. Lind (16)
East Coast: C. Correra (18)

Standing after game 4:

W    L   GB   MG#

East Coast Rockies   84 – 76  -     1
Arizona Dust Devils  83 – 78  1.5   -

Game 5:

Top 1: DD open the game with a triple, get a 1st and 3rd no out situation 
and don’t score, Rockies escape 

Top 5: DD score in the top of the 5th 

Bot 5: Rockies answer with 2 in the bot of the frame

Top 6: DD responds with 1 in the top 6

Top 7: DD scores another run in the top 7th

Going to the bottom of the 9th, 

Carlos Gonzalez grounds out for the first out

Carlos Carrera works a walk

Jason Kipnis, and unlikely starter due to the Neil Walker injury delivers a 
walk off 2-run HR and sends the Rockies into the playoffs.

R  H  E

Arizona Dust Devils  3  9  0
East Coast Rockies   4  9  0

W, Z. Britton (2-2)
L, C. Devenski (4-5)


Arizona: none
East Coast: J. Kipnis (8)

Standing after game 4:

W    L   GB   MG#

East Coast Rockies   85 – 76  -     X
Arizona Dust Devils  83 – 78  2.5   -
Tampa vs San Diego
SD sweeps Tampa to end the regular season 

Game 1: 3-2    SD    Bryant's two run HR capps a 3 run first inning
Game 2: 8-5    SD    Bryant homers again and drives in four runs
Game 3: 6-4    SD    SD pulls ahead n the 9th on a two run HR by Grandal
Game 4: 4-1    SD    Grandal homers again and drives in 3 of the 4 runs
Game 5: 8-1    SD    Grandal homers for the 3rd game n a row, Stripling wins his 8th
Brooklyn vs Green Bay
Last series of season against division rival Green Bay 

Game 1 - After clinching division, Codgers playing conservatively.  Take 
lead on Barnhart's 7th of season.  Panik gets one back off Verlander for his 
9th. Hamilton (of all players) hits a Baltimore special to make it 7-1.  
Codgers pull Verlander after 5 innings allowing 3 hits and striking out 8. 
Panik hits second dinger of game off Casilla in 8th to make it 8-2, a few 
batters later it's 8-4 after Lee's 2 run shot.  Codgers go on to win 11-4.  
Verlander stays in long enough to win his 20th.  Nolasco the loser.
Hamilton steals 3 more to bring his season total to 44.

Game 2 - Sale goes 5 innings for his 16th win, Norris loses his 8th as the 
Codgers win again 5-1

Game 3 - Codgers conservative strategy does not pay off as Carpenter, rested 
for the first 2 games, is out for 12 games and Hamilton for 5 after a collision 
in the 4th.  To add insult to injury (hah hah) Story gets a Baltimore special 
off Straily in the 6th to give the Gamblers a 4-0 lead.  That's the way it 
ends with de la Rosa pitching a 3 hit complete game shutout and Straily the 

Game 4 - Story knocks another over the wall off Fulmer to give the Gamblers 
a 1 zip lead.  The lead is short-lived as Latos walks 4 to force in the tying 
run. Claudio comes in and can't get anyone out as the Gamblers go ahead on a 
walk and 2 hits. Game ends with the Gamblers on top 4-2,  Latos wins his 10th.  
Claudio gets the loss. Otero the save (his 23rd)

Game 5 - Cruz bops a two run dinger off Rodon in the first.  He does it again 
in the 3rd, but (only) a solo shot in the 5th. Bregman joins the parade with 
a solo shot off Casilla in the 7th.  Codgers close to 6-5 in the 7th but Ziegler 
gets a hold and Otero another save as Jackson wins and Rodon loses.

Costly series for the Codgers - they were only going to play Carpenter in 
1 game and he immediately goes down for at least the first post season series.  
Green Bay takes the series 3-2 to end the season 73-88 while the Codgers finish 
at 87-75, winning the division mainly by feasting on the division.
Stamford vs Durham
The Stamford Jays ends the 2-17 season taking 3 of 5 from the Durham Lucky 

Game 1
Stamford 8-10-0
Durham   6-9-1

Game 2
Stamford 14-16-1
Durham  10-19-1

Game 3

Durham  4-11-0
Stamford 3-6-0

Game 4
Durham  4-9-1
Stamford 3-8-1

Game 5
Stamford  7-13-2
Durham     5-12-1

Stamford finishes with a record of 82-80 while Durham finishes at 47-115
Westchester vs Jonesboro
Last week of a painful season and Jonesboro comes to Westchester to end a miserable 
season for both.  Only one watching the games are the players (all the fans are 
watching the critical East Coast-Arizona series.

Jonesboro takes 3 of 5.  Wombats look back at a season of suspensions, injuries 
and underperformances.  The pitching looks worse next year due to injuries again.  
David Wright has probably played his last game in an illustrious career.  Bright 
spots are young rising hitters who show potential for next year including haniger, 
Mahtook, and Healey.  Robinson Cano has a persona high of 43 homers and moves into 
first plae on the Wombat all time homer list.
Greensboro vs Chappaqua
Sep. 28 - The 2 teams face-off in their traditional season finale series.   
Greensboro is resting several regulars and starting pitchers and they open 
with DeSclafani against Bartolo.  The Comets easily take it, 8-3, as the 
Hoppers' reliever (Hart, a 22G!) gives up a pinch-hit grand slam to Rivera.

Sep. 29 - Tillman against Stroman in this one.  Comets take this one, 6-2 as 
Peterson blasts 2 and Morales hits one.

Sep. 30 - Ariel Miranda versus Dylan Bundy in game 3.  The Hoppers finally 
get on the board, taking this one, 5-2.  Phillips and Napoli homer.

Oct. 1 - Leake faces Martin Perez.  Exciting pitchers duel until the Hoppers
put it away in the bottom of the ninth, 2-1.  

Oct. 2 - In the 2017 season finale it's Jose Fernandez in his sad last start 
facing Max.  Max doesn't have it, but Jose Reyes' bottom-of-the-ninth homer 
gives the Hoppers the 6-4 comeback victory.  

The Hoppers take the last 3 of the final series.
Louisiana vs Beantown
Can't wait for next year.

Cajun highlights for 2017
Rookie catcher Gary Sanchez  hits .321 with 27 HR and 70 RBI in half a season

Rookie SS Cory Seager hits .294 with 24 HR and 98 RBI

Rookie SS Dansby Swanson hits .377 with 4 HR and 30 RBI in 1/4 season

Looking forward to 2018.
Week of September 26
Chappaqua vs Stamford
Game 1 
Jays                       7-12-2
Comets                6-10-0
WP   A Wainwright 9-13 LP J Fernandez 9-12
 Wainwright has quite a game with his bat as he belts two triples including 
 a bases clearing one. Posey, Napoli and Gosselin go deep for the Comets while 
 Segura and Bradley homer for the Jays. 

 Game 2  
Comets    4-14-2
Jays        2-8-0
WP    B Colon 13-13 LP R Delarosa 5-10
Comets score single runs in each of the first four innings to take control 
of the game. Morales homers for Comets and Posey has 4 hits. Colon goes 6 
innings for the win.

Game 3 
Comets 12-16-1
Jays         4-9-1

WP C Tillman 13-12 LP M Pineda 5-8

Comets coast to easy win highlighted by a 6 run 6th innings. Morales has 
grand slam homer for Comets and Duvall adds homer and 3 RBIs’. 
 Game 4 
Jays         4-9-0
Comets   2-6-0
WP P Baez 4-5 LP S Chisek 4-4

Comets reliever blows game yielding 3 runs in the 8th to give Jays the lead 
and the win. Jays Chisenhall pinch hit single in the 8 th drives in 2. Trumbo
homers for the Jays.

Game 5 
Comets 12-12-0
Jays          0-5-2
WP    S Kazmir 10-7     LP M Clevenger 5-8
Again Comets take early control of game scoring 6 in the 2nd and coast to win. 
Kazmir and 2 Comets relievers hold Jays in check.

Jays finish season hosting Durham and Comets travel to Greensboro.
Greensboro vs Durham
Sep. 22 - Durham opens with Paul Clemens against DeSclafani as both GMs 
deploy some kids.  DeSclaf goes the route in a 4-1 win as Pujols' 28th 
is the big blow.

Sep. 23 - Vogelsong versus Stroman in game 2.  The Hoppers take it, 9-3, 
as Stanton hits his 29th.

Sep. 24 - Pelfrey faces Dylan Bundy in this one.  Bundy goes the distance, 
winning 8-1.  

Sep. 25 - Tyler Wilson against Martin Perez in game 4.  This is a close 2-0 
contest with Greensboro finally plating the game's only runs in the eighth.  

Sep. 26 - In the finale it's Shields facing Max.  It's a sweep for the Hoppers 
as they take the finale, 9-zip.

Durham heads north to face Stamford as the Hoppers await the arrival of the 
Tampa vs Coney Island
Tampa takes 4 of 5 from Coney Island

Game 1: 3-0    TAM    Snell and two relievers combine for the shutout 
Game 2: 8-5    TAM    Harrison homers and drives in 3 runs
Game 3: 7-1    TAM    Eaton goes 4 for 5 for Tampa
Game 4: 8-7    TAM    Tomas hits his 25th HR of the season
Game 5:10-2   CON    Nova wins his 16th game of the season 

Tidewater vs Brooklyn
Tidewater takes series 3-2.

Gm.1  BRO  1-0

Pitchers duel between Verlander and Teheran as BRO's T.Barnhart doubles 
in a run in the 10th.

Gm. 2 BRO  3-1

C.Sale collects the win as Barney and Peralta go deep.

Gm. 3 TID  5-4

Buxton and Gregorious go yard and Drillers pen locks down the win.

Gm. 4 TID  13-8

Encarnacion's PH 3-run triple puts TID ahead and the pen holds the ;lead.

Gm.5 TID  14-6
Conforto's grand slam sparks a 7 run 6th as TID bats pound out the win.
Gulf Breeze vs Louisiana
Greetings All-

Louisiana came to town for a battle that would lead to nothing but bragging 
rights for these once proud franchises.  Third place in the division was still 
a possibility for Gulf Breeze, but just like an older brother, Louisiana clobbered 
Gulf Breeze and left little doubt as to who the 3rd place winner would be this year.

Before I start in, just wanted to say that yes, I won a game.  But... Cajuns 
outscored us 44-16 and I held a lead in 4 of the 47 innings played.  Louisiana 
had 15 HR to GB's 6.  65 hits to 48.  It goes on and on.  I was able to find a 
stat we did better in- I hit in to 7 DPs, Lou hit in to 4.  Gulf Breeze whiffed 
58 times in the 5 games.  Glad we didn't play face to face.  On the teamviewer 
was bad enough.

Gm 1: Lou 13-17-0  GB 2-8-2  And so it begins.  Cajuns up 4-0 after 1/2 inning 
and that was as close as the Breeze would get.  Six HRs for the empire- Swanson 
2 (5), Realmuto 2 (10), Pearce (8), Sano (17).  Good night...   Brian Finnegan 
was excellent (10-9, ERA down to 5.70) and Buchholz was not (4-5, 7.77).  Top 5 
in the Cajun lineup was 16 for 25.  You just can't make this up....

Gm 2: Lou 17-20-0  GB 5-14-2  OK- got him now.  My "13" (Syndergaard) vs his 3 
(Giolito).  After 2 1/2 it was 10-0.  Nice comeback from yesterday's debacle I'd 
say.  Breeze scored 3 times in the 9th to make it "respectable".  Yeah, right.  
Let's get out our calculators and total up the bad guy offense.  HE- Pearce 2 (10)  
Saunders 2 (22).  Both Saunders and Alonso had 4 hits, the latter with 3 rbi, the 
former with 4 runs scored.  Giolito (2-6) was lifted after 5 2/3 and Montgomery 
finished up for his 14th save.  A nice Steven Moya day (4 for 5, HR #6) was far 
overshadowed by the enormous Cajun offense.

Gm 3: Lou 7-13-3  GB 2-9-0  It was 5-0 after 1 1/2.  Are you getting the picture?  
For those of you scoring at home (or even if you're not) Cajuns outscored us 10-0 
in the first inning (total of all the games) and for the first 3 innings of the 
games combined, were ahead 23-4.  Nice starting pitching!  Saunders his 23rd, 
Sano his 18th.  Pearce 3 for 4 with 2 rbi.  As Sonny & Cher would say, "and the 
beat goes on"...yeah, I feel more like "drums keep pounding a rhythm to the 
brain...".  Velasquez (7-13) over Greinke (11-8).  Nothing else to see here....

Gm 4: Lou 4-8-0  GB 5-11-0 (11)  This just in- Breeze had a lead.  It came in the 
home 11th with one out as Hanley Ramirez notched the game winning 2 bagger.  There 
was much rejoicing.  Medon was heard dressing down his team, wondering how they 
could blow a 4-1 lead to the cast of characters.  Jose Abreu showed up for this 
one, 4 for 5 with 2 solo HR (24).  Allen backed in to the win (2-2) while Altavilla 
dropped his first decision.  

Gm 5: Lou 3-7-1  GB  2-6-1  Well, it was close at least and the Breeze actually 
had a 2-1 lead for 3 innings.  But we had a runner gunned down at home and another 
at third as well (yes- my decisions to run) as bouncing in to a pair of DP to help 
the Cajun cause.  Like they needed any help.  Anyway, it was 2-1 in the 8th and I 
let Hochevar pitch to Sanchez.  Bad decision, Sanchez stroked his 2nd HR of the 
day (25) and it was a 4-3 Cajun lead.  Montgomery stopped us in our tracks for 
his 15th save and that was that.  Tanaka (14-9) over Hochevar (0-2).  

...and those drums keep pounding...

This week, Louisiana will host Beantown to finish things up, while Gulf Breeze 
heads to Freeport.
Arizona vs Jonesboro
The Jonesboro Crackers arrive for the final home regular season series at 
the Dust Bowl in 2017. The Crackers hold up the AL West while the Devils hope 
to inch their way closer to the first place Rockies. 

Game 1: Jhoulys Chacin (8-14) vs. Cody Reed (5-6)

The Crackers take an early 4-0 lead thanks in large part to an O'Malley 3 
run blast in the 4th. The lead disappears in an 8 run 6th inning for the home 
team as an Alcides Escobar error leads to 4 of those runs as unearned. Jake 
Lamb tripled in 1 run and doubled in 3 more in the rout of an inning.

Lamb goes 4 for 5 and drives in 5 in a 9-4 Arizona win.

     R  H E

JON  4 10 2
ARZ  9 10 1

W: Broxton (1-0)  L: Chacin (8-15)
HR: JON - O'Malley (2)  

Game 2: Scott Feldman (2-6) vs. Aaron Nola (10-13)

Victor Martinez puts the Crackers up 1-0 with a bases loaded sac fly in the 1st.

Adam Lind ties it up in the 2nd with a run scoring double and the Rocks take a 
2-1 lead in the 4th on a Galvis RBI single. That's all the scoring as Nola goes 
8 with 10 Ks for the win.

     R H E

JON  1 9 0
ARZ  2 5 1

W: Nola (11-13)  L: Feldman (2-7)  S: A Reed (16)

Game 3: Jered Weaver (1-0) vs. Matt Moore (13-8)

Billy Butler throws away an inning ending ground ball that leads to a pair 
of Rock runs in the 3rd, 2-0 Arizona.

Maldonado lifts a sac fly in the 5th to get the Crackers on the scoreboard, 
2-1 Arizona.

Schwarber gives the Rocks an insurance run with a bases loaded single in the 
7th and 3 relievers keep the Crackers hitless as the Devils take game 3, 3-1.

     R H E

JON  1 5 1
ARZ  3 8 0

W: Moore (14-8)  L: Weaver (1-1)  S: A Reed (17)

Game 4: R A Dickey (7-11) vs. Taijuan Walker (11-10)

The series homerun drought is about to end ..

Andres Blanco smacks a solo homer for the Crackers in the 1st, 1-0.

The Rocks strike back in the home 1st as Trea Turner, Galvis, and Enrique 
Hernandez all homer to give Arizona a 5-1 lead.

Blanco singles in a run in the top of the 3rd for the Crackers but then 
silence for both teams the rest of the way as the Devils take their 4th 
straight from the Crackers.

     R  H E

JON  2  9 0
ARZ  5 10 0

W: Walker (12-10)  L: Dickey (7-12)  S: Lugo (1)
HR: JON – A Blanco (6);  ARZ – T Turner (18), Galvis (10), E Hernandez (8)

Game 5: Edinson Volquez (0-1) vs. Nick Martinez (0-0)

Betts leads off the home 1st with his 24th homerun of the season.

Alcides Escobar puts the Crackers on top with a 2 run triple in the 4th and 
scores on a passed ball, 3-1 Jonesboro.

Kiki Hernandez and Yan Gomes rap back-to-back doubles to open the Arizona 5th. 
Gomes scores on a Betts 6-4-3 to tie the game at 3.

Trea Turner doubles and scores on a Moreland base knock in the 6th as the 
Devils pull out to a 4-3 lead that holds up for the series sweep!

     R H E

JON  3 5 1
ARZ  4 8 0

W: J Ramirez (1-3)  L: Volquez (0-2)  S: A Reed (18)
HR: ARZ – Betts (24)

Jonesboro travels to Westchester to close out the season while Arizona 
travels to East Coast for a 5 game series that will determine the AL West 
division winner.
Week of September 20
Stamford vs Greensboro
The Stamford Jays host the Greensboro Grasshoppers for 6 games.
Game 1 
Grasshoppers 1-4-1
Jays                    0-4-0
WP  M Scherzer 16-8 LP A Wainwright 8-13
 Scherzer goes the distance in a 4 hitter fanning 12. Catcher Perez drives in 
 only run on   a homer. Jays load bases in the first 2 innings but could not 

 Game 2  
Jays       12-14-2
Grasshoppers 3-13-2
WP    S Matz 13-5 LP M Stroman 4-1
Jays bounce back scoring 6 in the 4th and 5 runs in the 8th to take command of 
the game. Trumbo hits 2 homers , a 3 run blast and a solo blast, Ozuna belts 3 
run homer for the Grasshoppers.

Game 3 
Grasshoppers 15-20-1
Jays                   5-7-1

WP D Bundy 2-1 LP M Pineda 5-7

Grasshoppers’ bats bounce back in a big way. They take early 5-1 and cement game 
scoring 7 in the 6th off of Jays pitching. Homers come from Nunez ( 5 hits), 
Heyward and Baez(pinch hit homer),

 Game 4 
Jays                        3-6-0
Grasshoppers      2-8-1
WP J Paxton 15-6 LP M Perez 1-2

A close game as Jays score winning run on an error. Paxton fans 8 over 7 
innings for the win. Jansen fans 4 over 2 innings of relief. Braun and Suzuki 
go deep for the Jays.

Game 5 ( 10 innings)
Grasshoppers 8-13-0
Jays                   7-13-3
WP    C Torres 5-0     LP K Jansen 6-3
Another close game as Jays ties the game twice at 6-6 and 7-7. Grasshoppers score 
winning run on an Ozuna single. Stanton goes deep for Greensboro. Zobrist, Braun 
and Cuthbert homer for the Jays.

Game 6
Jays                       5-7-0
Greensboro       3-8-1
WP L Cessa 4-13 LP M Stroman 4-2
Jays take last game on effective pitching of Cessa who goes 7 plus innings 
for the win
Freeport vs Louisiana
Game 1
L        9    19    1
F        5    6      0
W- Giolito (1-6)
L- Foltynewicz (7-13)
S- Montgomery (13)
HR- L- Myers (19), Realmuto -8-
       F- Kemp (24), Drury (17)
Game 2
L        1    7    1
F        5    6    2
W- Hamels (18-8)
L- Velasquez (6-13)
HR- F- Drury (18)
Hamels 15 K's
Game 3
L          4      5    1
F        12    17    0
W- Hendricks (16-10)
L- Finnegan (9-9)
HR- L- Saunders (19)
       F- Orlando (10), Kendrick (12), Plouffe (18), Franklin (7), Beckham (2)
Game 4 (14 innings)
L        7    14    2
F        8    15    3
W- Bradley (6-5)
L- Doolittle (2-4)
HR- L- Sanchez (23), Saunders (20)
       F- Franklin -8-, P. Alvarez (19)
Game 5
L        6    14    0
F        7    11    0
W- Delgado (1-0)
L- Montgomery (7-5)
S- Ynoa (4)
HR- L - C. Seager (24)
       F - A. Cabrera (26), Franklin (9)
Freeport wins four of five.
Chappaqua vs Durham

The Chappaqua Comets would like to play the Durham Lucky Strikes more often as 
the men from Hillary Clinton’s hometown swept the five game series and take the 
season series by winning 18 of 21 games!

Game 1


Rich Hill (6-8) allows only 1 hit over 6 shutout innings and leaves with a 6-0 lead. 
Kyle Seager goes 3-3 with 3 runs scored, a HR (35) and 3 RBIs to lead Chappaqua. 
The Comets hit four HRs – in addition to Seager: Duvall (25), Napoli (23) and Jace 
Peterson (7). Paul Clemens starts and takes the loss for Durham. He is now 2-14 
with a 7.74 ERA

Game 2


Mike Napoli broke a 1-1 tie in the 4th with a 2 run HR, his 24th of the season as 
Chappaqua wins again. Jose Fernandez (9-11, 3.58) goes 8 innings, allowing only 5 
hits and 1 run, striking out 9. Kevin Siegrist gets his 2d save. Seager belts his 
second HR in two days and his 36th of the season. Ryan Vogelsong (0-3) is the 
starter and loser for Durham.

Game 3


The Comets excellent pitching continues as the ageless Bartolo Colon (12-13) lowers 
his league leading ERA to 2.13 with 8 shutout innings. Colon scattered 8 hits and 
struck out 12. Matt Bush pitched a perfect 9th (2 Ks) to get his 26th save.

The Comets got the only run they needed in the first when Brandon Crawford tripled 
and scored on a ground out. David Peralta doubled in a run in the 5th and Derek 
Dietrich hit a solo HR (3) in the 8th to close out the scoring.

Jharrel Cotton (1-4, 3.12) pitched well in defeat, allowing only 3 hits and 2 
runs over 6 innings.

Game 4


The Comets jump out to a 5-0 lead after 5 on an RBI double by Melky Cabrera 
(38th double) a 2 RBI triple by Kendry Morales and a 2 run HR by Buster Posey (9).
After Durham pulls to within 5-2 in the 7th, Chappaqua gets 2 more in the bottom 
of the 7th to make it 8-2.

Chris Tillman (12-12) is the starter and winner for the Comets. Bush picked up 
his 27th save. Tommy Wilson (6-12) was the starter and loser for Durham.

Game 5

CHA 14 DUR 8

Ex- Comet James Shields is greeted rudely by his former teammates as they rout
Shields in the second inning, after he allows 5 runs. Tommy Milone was no better, 
giving up 6 runs in 4 1/3 and Cory Knebel, in relief of Milone, gave up 3 runs 
without getting an out.

Brandon Crawford led the way for Chappaqua, going 4-6 with 4 runs scored, 2 HRs 
(13, 14) and 5 RBIs. Crawford is now batting .298.  Melky Cabrera was 3-5 with 4 
runs scored, a HR (16) and 3 RBIs. Kendry Morales was 3-6 with a HR (30) and 3 

Leading 8-2 in the 5th, starter Mike Leake got into trouble and with 3 runs 
in in the inning(8-5) gave way to Jimmy Nelson who picked up the win in relief, 
in only his second appearance of the year. Relievers Siegrist, Cishek and Gio 
Gonzalez followed and pitched 3 2/3 shutout innings. Shields too the loss and 
is now 3-8 with a 6.52 ERA.

Chappaqua is now 82-69 and trail San Diego in the wild card race by 6 games,
pending the results of the SDA-TAM series. With only 10 games left for the 
Comets, they need the Stingrays to beat up on the Armadillos to give Chappaqua 
a chance. It will be tough for the Comets no matter what as they finish the 
season on the road against two division rivals who have been tough for them 
to beat : Stamford and Greensboro.

Durham drops to 45-107. With the league’s poorest record, the Lucky Strikes 
should be in position to grab the #1 pick in the 2018 draft.Durham will also 
close the season on the road against their division rivals, Greensboro and 
then Stamford.
Coney Island vs Mokena
Cyclones host the Commissioner for their final home stand of the season.  
WIll the Roozys be a spoiler or will the weak starting rotation of the Cyclones 
prevail (Mokena has the same issue, so it could be a very offensive series).  
Well it was offensive, but not necessarily in the lots of hits way.  Magic 
number 9 as the week begins ....

Game 1 - Cyclones open with ace (and only bonafide starter) Tanner Roark and 
he comes through.  He goes 7 innings giving up 6 hits and 2 runs (1 earned). 
Then in the 7th with score tied 2-2 Pence drives in 1 and then Beltre doubles 
in 2 more (3 rbis for him in the 3 hit game). That gives the Cyclones a 5-2 lead. 
Belisle comes in for the 8th and he gives up a Lucroy solo homer (17) but that's 
all. Then Jennings finishes off the game in the 9th for the save.

MOK 3-7-0 LP Rosenthal (1-5)
CIC   5-8-1 WP Roark (17-7) S Jennings (21)

Game 2 - Cyclones keep scoring as they manage an unearned run in the 1st as 
McCutchen misplays a fly ball.  However, Chen (the Mokena starter and recently 
found himself on the trading block with no takes) digs in and pitches 9 full 
innnings. He gives up 4 hits, fans 5 and no more Cyclones crossed the plate - 
Back to the game. Nicolino wasn't too bad - if giving up 9 hits in 5 innings 
is considered decent.  Actually he gave up 9 hits, but only 1 run on a Lucroy 
rbi single in the 3rd. Lucroy gets 3 hits in the game. 
But that was it - 9th inning ends and it's 1-1. Bettis pitches a perfect two 
inning set, fanning 2. Johnson (1.2), Biagini (1.1) and Treinen (2.0) are great 
as well. Blier comes in in the 11th and does well for 2 innings. He starts the 
13th and gives up a hit, so Belisle is called on and again he gives up homer - 
this time to McCutchen (37) who atones for his 1st inning error as he clubs the 
2 run shot and a 3-1 lead. Fields, who pitched the 12th stays in ad pitches the 
13th - 2 perfect innings, 3 ks and a win.
Mokena managed 15 hits and 5 walks in the game but only scored 3 runs - but it 
was enough.

MOK 3-15-1 WP Fields (2-1)    13 innings
CIC   1- 4-1  LP Bleir (2-2)

Game 3 - well Chen was the man in game 2 (although he got the ND) and in this 
one it was Derek Holland. He goes 9, gives up 3 hits (the biggest was a Harper 
double), he fans 6 and lets no one cross the plate. He doesn't get much help, 
but he goes get enough. Desmond and Marte drive in single runs (in the 4th and 
8th) and that gives the Cyclones the 2-0 win.

MOK 0-3-3 LP Zimmerman (4-7)    
CIC   2-6-0  WP Holland (7-6)

NOTE - the 3 Mokena errors were all committed by their catcher Maile (one lead 
to an unearned run in the 4th).

Game 4 - The teams get the same hit totals in this one, 3 for Mokena and 6 for 
Coney Island. Lucroy gets an rbi double in the 8th but Shaw hit a 2 run homer 
(19) in a Cyclone 3 run 1st and that was all the scoring.  Pitchers were again 
tough to score on. Nova continues his strong (for a 6) season.

MOK 1-3-0 LP Chatwood (5-11)
CIC   3-6-1 WP Nova (15-6) S Jennings (22)

NOTE - Belisle pitched an inning in this game and DIDN'T give up a homer.

Game 5 - Mokena continues to be anemic. They get 7 hits and 4 walks but can't 
get anyone willing to score. And this is against a mound crew of Phil Hughes 
(3 innings) and Adam Warren (2 innings). After 5, the Cyclones cycled 4 more 
pitchers (an inning apiece) to keep the Roozys scoreless. Dozier and Marisnick 
collided during the game and Marisnick will miss some more games (out for 
6 days).
Meanwhile the Cyclones pounded out 9 hits including a Desmond solo homer (18) 
and scored singles run in the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th innings. Dyson got 2 hits 
and scored twice, Pence got 3 hits.

MOK 0-7-0 LP Quintana (12-14) 
CIC   4-9-1 WP Warren (2-5) 

The Cyclones won 4 of 5 as Mokena goes silent - magic number drops by 4 as well. 
Mokena will have a chance at revenge in 2 weeks when the Cyclones show up in 
Roozys land for the final series of the season. Next week the Cyclones go to 
Tampa and Mokena goes to San Diego.
Arizona vs East Coast
The first place East Coast Rockies arrive for a 6 game set against the 
2nd place Arizona Dust Devils. Trailing by 2.5 games, 3 in the loss column, 
the Devils hope to gain ground against the bomb squad of the A.L. West. 

Game 1: Francisco Liriano (16-8) vs. Joe Ross (5-7)

Arizona opens up an early 9-3 lead  after 4 and holds on for a 10-7 win. The 
Devils score in each of the first 5 innings.

The Rockies launch 3 long balls  with Correa collecting 4 hits.

Arizona catcher Pedro Severino gets his first start of the year and goes 2 for 
4 with 2 runs scored. Odor cranks a 3 run homer going 2 for 5 with 4 ribbies.

      R  H E

ECR   7 14 0
ARZ  10 14 0

W: Ross (6-7) L: Liriano (16-9) S: A Reed (14)
HR: ECR – Walker (16), C Gonzalez (24), Ortiz (46); ARZ – Odor (23) 

Game 2:  Luis Perdomo (4-8) vs. Chris Devenski (4-2)

A much more civil game ..

Devenski gets his first start of the season for the Devils and all goes well. 
Well, for 5 innings. 

The Devils lead 2-0 heading to the 6th when all Ortiz breaks out. Papi smacks 
a Baltimore Special followed by Cabrera and CarGo back-to-back doubles as the 
Rockies take a 5-2 lead that stands as the final.

Dahl wears the Golden Sombrero for the Devils with 4 Ks.

Back to square 1 in the standings.

     R  H E

ECR  5  9 1
ARZ  2 11 0

W: Perdomo (4-8) L: Devenski (4-3) S: Britton (35)
HR: ECR - Ortiz (47) ; ARZ – Betts (21);

Game 3: Shelby Miller (9-6) vs. Aaron Nola (9-13)

The Rockies breakout to a 4-0 lead in the 3rd on a Walker solo shot and a 
Miggy 3 run bomb.

Unimpressed, the Devils smack Miller around in the 5th for 5 runs as Odor, 
with a 3 run rocket, and Severino go back-to-back in the 5th

A run scoring single by Lamb and a 3 run Odor rocket tie the game at 4 in 
the 5th taking a 5-4 lead.

Betts pads it to 7-4 with a 2 run homer in the 6th.

Carlos Correa leads off the top of the 7th with his 16th of the year making 
it 7-5. The Devils bullpen holds the Rockies to a single hit the rest of the 
way as the Devils inch closer to their rivals.

Odroolsover Herreararea goes 4 for 5 for the visitors.  

     R  H E

ECR  5 11 0
ARZ  7 12 0

W: Nola (10-13) L: Miller (9-7) S: A Reed (15)
HR: ECR – Walker (17), M Cabrera (29), C Correa (16); ARZ – Odor (24), Severino (1), Betts (22) 

Doubleheader Game 1

Game 4: Tyrell Jenkins (4-13) vs. Matt Moore (13-7)

The less said the better about this game ... this inning … 

Ramos smacks a 2 run homer in the top of the 2nd for the Rockies. Then 
the floodgates open. Catcher's interference, wild pitches, broken bats, 
lots of hits, it's 9-0 when the dust settles. The Rockies tack on 4 more 
in a 13-zip pasting of the home team. Goldschmidt goes 4 for 6, all singles, 
scores twice and knocks in 2. Ramos goes 4 for 6 knocking in 4. An itchy Joe 
Kelly took one for the team going 3 hard innings in relief. 

      R  H E

ECR  13 17 1
ARZ   0  3 4

W: Jenkins (5-13) L: Moore (13-8)
HR: ECR – Ramos (19)

Doubleheader Game 2

Game 5: Dallas Keuchel (13-8) vs. Taijuan Walker (11-10)

OK, bases loaded with Rockies in the 1st inning, no outs, Ortiz at the plate. 
What could possibly happen? Sac fly then a line drive double play. Whew! 
Rockies up 1-0.

A Correa error leads to a run as Odor scores to tie the game at 1 in the 4th. 
Owings singles and Galvis doubles in a pair for a 3-1 Devils lead.

OK, bases loaded with Rockies in the 5th inning, no outs, Springer at the plate. 
What could possibly happen? He smacks one to left, Owings is after it, he's there,
he slams into the wall. Two runners score and Owings is injured and will be out 
for 8 days. Goldie singles in a run but Ortiz whacks into a 1-6-3 DP. 
It's 4-3 Rockies.

Trea Turner doubles and scores on a Severino base knock to knot the score at 
4 in the 5th.

Turner singles in a pair in the home 6th and Lamb triples in 2 more  
8-4 Arizona.

Goldie doubles in a pair of Rockies in the top of the 7th, 8-6 Arizona.

Correa leads off the top of the 9th with a double. Addison Reed on to pitch. 
Walker hits one to Odor, Correa to 3rd, Walker to 2nd  as Odor throws it in 
the dirt at 1st. Polanco pinch hits for Springer. He gets his first hit of 
the season. And he makes it count. A 3 run bomb, 9-8 Rockies.

Britton on for the save and nails it.

Springer had gone 2 for 3 with 2 runs and 2 RBI before Polanco subbed for 
him. Rockies pitchers K'd 14 Devils with Pham now wearing the Golden Sombrero. 

     R  H E

ECR  9 12 2
ARZ  8 13 1

W: Colome (4-3) L: A Reed (5-4) S: Britton (36)
HR: ECR – Polanco (1) 

Game 6: Hector Santiago (9-11) vs. Albert Suarez (9-10)

Scoreless, yeah, really, heading to the bottom of the 6th when Betts leads 
off with his 23rd homer of the year!

CarGo leads off the top of the 7th with a double, moves to 3rd on a ground 
out and scores on a Correa single through a drawn in infield, 1-1.

In the home 7th, Odor doubles and scores on a Moreland single, 2-1 Arizona!

Drew comes through with a 2 run single in the home 8th, Odor singles in 
another and it's 5-1 Arizona to salvage a series split.

     R  H E

ECR  1  5 0
ARZ  5 10 0

W: Suarez (10-10) L: Santiago (9-12)
HR: ARZ – Betts (23) 

So it's Pictures of Matchstick Men. A series split leaves things as they were. 
Arizona now awaits the Crackers while the Rockies head home to face the ever 
pesky Wombats. 

There's still hope for the Devils as they head to East Coast after the next 
series for the final games of the year.
Reed vs Brooklyn
Gm 1  BC 8, RB 2
WP: J. Verlander (18-6)
LP: L. McCullers (3-8)
HR: BC - C. Santana (26); RB - J. Bruce (39)
** Verlander fans 10 in 8 IP; Yelich scores thrice and Longoria knocks in 4 **

Gm 2  RB 3, BC 1
WP: C. Anderson (7-18)
LP: C. Sale (14-11)
S: K. Barraclough (18)
HR: RB - T. Joseph (23)
INJ: BC - C. Rupp (11)
** C. Anderson fans 8 in 7 IP (3 H, 3 BB); 2 hits, 2 RBI for Joseph **

Gm 3  BC 8, RB 3
WP: D. Straily (4-4)
LP: A. Morgan (8-8)
HR: BC - M. Carpenter (20), C. Crisp (10); RB - D. Travis (20)
** 4 RBI for Carpenter; Hamilton steals #37 **

Gm 4  BC 6, RB 4
WP: M. Fulmer (8-13)
LP: T. Cahill (2-5)
S: B. Kintzler (16)
HR: BC - C. Granderson (24), E. Longoria (23), T. Barnhart (6)
** 4 RBI for Longoria **

Gm 5  BC 6, RB 2
WP: J. Odorizzi (13-4)
LP: J. Niese (6-16)
S: B. Kintzler (17)
HR: BC - C. Crisp (11); RB - D. Travis (21)
** 4 RBI for Cocoa Crispies; Travis ruins Odorizzi's shutout/CG bid with a HR **

Week of September 15
San Diego vs Coney Island
Sometimes we get to play a series more important (it seems) to us than 
any of the big league games in real life. Such is this one. I do admit 
that in some league I do sim some games. But series such as this one mean 
a heck of a lot and are a heck of a lot of fun to play.

This one is a preview of a post season matchup and was a blast to play.

  Game One
Wth key players out of the lineup, Bryant still on the DL for two games, 
Grandal, Solarte, Fowler tired, a patchwork lineup had to be fielded against 
the Cyclones.
the Cyclones get one in the first on a double by Pedroia driving in Gardner, 
who flew around the bases. They added another in the third and still another 
on a solo shot from Pedroia in the fifth.  San Diego managed to get one in 
the ninth when they loaded the bases, giving the locals a little hope, but 
Johnson shut them down.  
4-1 Coney Island

Game Two
One of the more exciting games I've played with our unique obsession. The 
Cyclones jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first on a double from Beltre and 
a two run shot from Desmond. They added two more in the 3rd on a two run 
shot from Pedroia. The Armadillos got back n the game on two critical errors 
from the Cyclones. 5-2.  In the bottom of the seventh and the pitcher up, the 
Armadillo manager decided to pinch hit with Hunter Renfroe, who was tired and 
little used. He promptly hit his first homerun of the season and his first of
what should be a good career. 3 batters later, Altuve hit a solo shot to make 
it a one run game. At this point, the manager of the Armadillos made a great 
decision. Despite being tired, Renfroe went in to right field.  In the bottom 
of the ninth, Cabrera walked and with Deshields pinch running, Fowler hit a 
double to right center, driving in Deshields with the tying run. Two more walks 
had the bases loaded for the Armadillos, but Rizzo hit into a 523 double play 
to send it to extra innings. In the bottom of the 11th, the manager of the 
Armadillos was shown that he might be a little bit of a genius. Grandal 
walked and Hunter Renfroe, obvious tire and beat, hit the first pitch into 
the right field stands for his second homerun of the game and the win for San Diego.  
7-5 Armadillos.

Game three
Kris Bryant was welcomed back off the DL by a standing ovation at his first 
at bat.  He showed his appreciation by hitting the first pitch from Roark 
into the left field stands for 2 runs as San Diego put up 3 in the first.
The added another in the 3rd on a double from Tucker.  Two more in the 6th 
on ANOTHER homerun from Bryans, obviously not hurting any more. Coney got 1 
in the eighth and 2 in the ninth to make it closer, but too late.  
6-3 Armadillos

Game Four
3 critical errors was the undoing for the Cyclones as San Diego got 4 runs 
but only 5 hits and 3 errors from Coney Island.  
4-2 San Diego

Game Five
Tied 2-2 into the eighth.  Desmond singled, stole second, stole third and 
scored on the error from Grandal. Shaw walked, stole second, took third on a 
single from Ruiz, Both scored on a double from Arcia for the win.  
5-3 Coney Island.
Louisiana vs Gulf Breeze
Gulf Breeze Rebels vs. Louisiana Cajuns .... played via Teamviewer

Gm 1 -- Cajuns 12-6 comeback win.
Gm 2 --  Myers (2 HR) and Sanchez (2 HR, in 10th and walkoff in 12th), plus 
Saunders and Rosales tell the story ....but it took 12 innings for 8-7 Cajun win.
Gm3 --Tough game, but Rebels score late for 7-2 win
Gm 4 -- Rebels tie up series at 2-2 with 5-2 win
Gm 5 -- Tanaka shuts down Rebels 5-2 after being down 2-0 with Abreu HR in 1st.

Great fun between storied rivals via TeamViewer.
Brooklyn vs Tidewater
An important series in the NL Central as the Codgers are trying to open up 
a lead in the division.

Game 1 - Codgers open with a couple in the 3rd, Conforto gets one back off 
Verlander in the 4th.  Codgers pick up several more including one when Inciarte 
is hurt (5 daysA) as a ball richochets off Upton's noggin.  Codgers go on to an 
easy 8-1 victory.  Verlander the win, Ventura the loss. 

Game 2 - Andriese pitches 8 innings of 3 hit ball as they beat Sale 1-0,  
Phelps gets the save.

Game 3 - After trading solo runs Kang hits a 2 run homer in the 3rd off Fulmer.  
Codgers get one back in the 5th then Mauer ties it with a pinch hit solo shot 
off Adleman.  Three batters later Santana hits a Baltimore special off Cecil 
in relief and it's 6-3.  Codgers go on to win 7-3 with Fulmer the winner and 
Adleman the loser.

Game 4 - tight game until the 7th when the Codgers score 2 on an error by Gregorius.  
Markakis makes it 4-0 with a round tripper in the 8th off Guerra and it stays that 
way as Shaw gets the win and Gray the loss.

Game 5 - Santana stakes Brooklyn to a 2-0 lead with his 25th dinger in the first.  
The Drillers tie in in the 7th but lose the chance for the lead when they try a 
double steal with Forsythe and Smith and Smith's gunned down at home.  Tony 
Watson comes in the the 7th with two on only to have Carpenter whack a 3 run 
opposite field blast for a 5-2 Codger lead.  Osuna holds the fort for the save, 
Kintzler the win, Buchter the loss.

So the Codgers win 4 of 5 to extend their lead in the NL Central to 9 games.  
The Drillers go to Green Bay while the Codgers go to Reed.
Freeport vs Beantown
Beantown comes to Freeport hoping to put away the AL Central. 
Carlos Hernandez' RBI single in the 9th makes a winner out of Jake Arrieta as the 
Bombers take game one 3-2. Arrieta worked 8 strong for the win, striking out 10.
B        3    7    0
F        2    4    2
W- Arrieta (13-7)
L- Vizcaino (0-2)
S- Wright (1)
HR- B - Blackmon (23)
       F - Alvarez (18)
It was an old school contest as both starting pitchers tossed complete games. 
Cole Hamels threw a two hitter striking out 8 as he outdueled Ervin Santana. 
Pedro Alvarez had a pair of hits for Freeport.
B        1    2    0
F         2    7    1
W- Hamels (17-8)
L- Santana (11-8)
HR- B- S. Smith (22)
Freeport looked to have the edge in this matchup, but Beantown chased Freeport 
starter KYle Hendricks early and coasted to a 10-4 win. Charlie Blackmon and 
Justin Turner combined to drive in 7. Nick Franklin had three hits and 4 rbi 
for Freeport.
B        10    12    2
F          4     9    2
W- J. Locke (5-3)
L- Hendricks (15-10)
HR- B- Bl;ackmon (24), J Turner (33)
       F - Franklin -6-
Matt Harvey and three relievers combined to toss a 6 hit shutout as the Bandits 
picked up a 3-0 win in game 4. The Bandits hit three solo shots off Bombers starter 
Colin McHugh. Alvarez and Brandon Drury each had two hits for Freeport. 
B        0    6    0
F        3     8    1
W- Harvey (5-9)
L- McHugh (11-9)
S- Edwards (1)
HR- F- K. Davis (35), Drury (16), Wieters (11)
Khris Davis' walk off two run homer gave Freeport a 3-2 win and the series 
win as well. Freeport starter Reynaldo Lopez danced in and out of trouble for 
6 innings as Beantown failed time and time again to get the clutch hit. The 
Bombers left 12 men on in this one. Seth Smith went 3-3 for Beantown, while newly 
acquired Brandon Drury finished off a solid series with three hits for Freeport.
B        2    8    2
F        3    11    1
W- Ynoa (1-0)
L- S. Wright (8-5)
Both teams are home next week with Beantown hosting Gulf Breeze and Freeport 
playing host to Louisiana.
Mokena vs Tampa
Game 1:
Tampa  7-10-0 
Mokena 8-11-1

Snell vs Manaea

With Tampa up 7-5 in the 7th, Ramirez gives up a 3 run homer to McCutchen.
McCutchen would go 3-4 with 2 doubles, 4 RBI and 3 runs scored to pace Mokena.
Tomas doubles and homers and knocks in 3 for Tampa.

Game 2:
Tampa  2-6-2 
Mokena 3-3-0

Eickhoff vs Zimmerman

With the score tied at 2 in the 9th, Skaggs inherits a bases loaded situation. He
plunks Russell for a Mokena win. Eickhoff throws 7.2, 2 ER ball and gets a no
decision. He walked 8 but Mokena couldn't do much with them.

Game 3:
Tampa  3-8-0 
Mokena 1-4-1

Miley vs Chatwood

Cron (2-4, RBI) is the hitting star in a quiet offensive game from both clubs. Miley
injures himself before throwing a pitch, but Corbin comes in and tosses 4 innings yielding
just one run to earn the win.

Game 4:
Tampa  4-8-0 
Mokena 6-9-0

Wood vs Cain

Wood (4-6) gives up 4 homers (McCutchen, Belt, Russell and Maile) to take the loss. Cain (9-2)
goes 6 for the win.Tomas (3 RBI) and Pederson each homer for Tampa in the loss.

Game 5:
Tampa  8-7-1 
Mokena 4-12-2

Iwakuma vs Quintana

Iwakuma (8-12) throws 8 strong innings for the win. Eaton, Cron, Tomas and Flowers go yard
for Tampa. Harper goes 4-4 for the Roozys in the loss. Quintana drops to 12-13 on the season.

Mokena takes 3 of 5
Stamford vs Chappaqua

In a battle between long time division rivals, the Comets won the first 
two games only to see the Jays come back with four straight wins

Game 1

CHA 6 SA 3

Rich Hill (5-8, 3.56) pitched a 3 hit shutout for 8 innings as the Comets 
coasted to a 6-0 lead through 8. RP Ken Giles gave up 3 runs in the 9th before 
Cam Bedrosian shut the door, picking up his 6th save. Chappaqua scored 3 in 
the first on an RBI single by Buster Posey and a 2 RBI triple by Adam Duvall. 
They added 3 more in the 7th on a triple by Brandon Crawford and a 2 run HR by 
Kendry Morales (27). Adam Wainwright (8-12, 5.60) took the loss.

Game 2



The comets win the first game of a twin bill as Jose Fernandez (8-11, 3.68) 
goes 8 innings allowing only 5 hits, 2 runs, with only one walk while striking 

Jays took a 2-0 lead in the first on a HR by Juan Segura (17). Chappaqua got 
one back in the bottom of the frame when ex-Jay Brandon Crawford hit a solo 
shot (12). Kyle Seager’s RBI single tied it in the 4th and Mike Napoli’s RBI 
single then put CHA ahead for good.

Stamford threatened in the 9th. With one on and 2 out, Nomar Mazara came up to 
pinch hit. Manager Raylesberg pulled Fernandez and put lefty Kevin Siegrist in 
to face the lefty batter. Siegrist fanned Mazara to end the game, getting his 
first save of the season.

Steven Matz (12-5, 2.55) took the loss for Stamford.

Game 3



The Jays gain a split of the doubleheader as Michael Pineda (5-6, 3.98) goes 
8, allowing only 5 hits and 1 run, despite 6 walks. Mark Trumbo gave STA all 
the runs they needed in the first when he blasted a 2 run HR, his 36th of the 
year. Dee Gordon had two RBI singles as Pineda cruised to victory. The ageless 
Bartolo Colon (11-13, 2.21) took the loss, allowing 5 runs in 7 innings.

Game 4


A great pitcher’s duel between Stamford’s James Paxton (14-6, 3.77) and 
Chappaqua’s Chris Tillman (11-12, 3.76) goes to Stamford. Ben Zobrist got the 
Jays off to a great start with a leadoff HR (18).  In the 4th, a Cuthbert single 
made it 2-0 before Chappaqua got a run on a HR by Morales (28). But that was all 
the scoring as Paxton went 6 strong innings and three relievers then shutout the 
Comets the rest of the way. Kenley Jansen pitched the 9th to get his 28th save 
of the year.

Game 5


With the series now tied at 2, the Jays send  Luis Cessa to the mound against 
Mike Leake. After Chester Cuthbert’s single put Stamford ahead 1-0 in the 4th, 
Adam Duvall belted a 2 run HR (24) in the bottom of the frame to put CHA up 2-1. 
It stayed that way until the 7th when Manager Raylesberg left a tiring Mike Leake 
in to face Zobrist with two on. Zobrist came through once again, hitting a 3 run 
HR- his second HR in two days and 19th of the year – as Stamford went ahead 4-2. 
Three 9th inning insurance runs put the game away. With the loss, Leake drops 
to 12-10, 3.43. Ubaldo Jiminez won it in relief for Stamford (2-0) as Baez, Givens 
and Anibal Sanchez combined for 3 shutout innings in relief of Jiminez.

Game 6

STA 6 CHA 2   5 innings – game called on account of Rain

The Comets are reeling, having now lost three in a row to Stamford. It is a rainy 
day in Chappaqua and the start of the game is delayed. When the teams take the 
field, Stamford strikes early once again, scoring two in the first on an RBI single 
by Ryan Braun and a sac fly RBI by – who else? – Zobrist. Chappaqua came right 
back to tie it in the bottom of the frame when Morales hit a 2 run HR, his third 
of the series and 29th of the year.

In the second, Kurt Suzuki broke the tie with a solo blast (2) off Comets starter 
and loser Scott Kazmir (9-7, 4.04). In the 5th, Mark Trumbo hit a 3 run HR (37) 
to give Stamford a commanding 6-2 lead. The rains came again and the game was 
called after only 5 innings. Mike Clevinger (5-7) got the win for Stamford.

With the four straight losses, the Comets drop to 77-69, second in the NL east – 
and facing elimination this week if Greensboro wins even a single game against 
Durham         . The Comets now trail San Diego by 8 games for the Wild Card, 
pending the results of San Diego’s series against NL West leader Coney Island. 
The Jays, meanwhile, are only three games behind the Comets (74-72) in the NL 

Next week: The Comets host the last place Durham Lucky Strikes in Chappaqua’s 
last home series of the season. They finish on the road against division rivals 
Stamford and Greensboro.Stamford will host Greensboro with a chance to catch 
Chappaqua for second place.
Reed vs Green Bay
Gm 1  RB 7, GB 0
WP: L. McCullers (3-7)
LP: J. Guerra (3-7)
S: D. Paulino (1)
HR: RB - J. Villar (22), J. Smoak (13)
** 2 hits, 2 R, SB for Kiermaier; 3 RBI for the Smoak Monster **

Gm 2  RB 3, GB 2
WP: C. Anderson (6-18)
LP: B. Ziegler (4-4)
S: K. Barraclough (16)
HR: GB - A. Bregman (6); RB - A. Rendon (18)
** Rendon has a game - 3 hits, 3 RBI, 2 2B, HR **

Gm 3  GB 10, RB 9
WP: M. Latos (8-6)
LP: J. Nicasioi (10-11)
S: D. Otero (22)
HR: GB - B. Miller (6), M. Holliday (9)
** Miller & Holliday combine for 3 hits, 3 R, 7 RBI **

Gm 4  RB 3, GB 2
WP: J. Niese (6-15)
LP: J. Alvarez (3-1)
S: K. Barraclough (17)
HR: RB - D. Travis 2 (19)
** Niese fans 7 in 7 IP; Travis supplies the offense with his 2 HR **

Gm 5  RB 13, GB 7
WP: T. Anderson (3-4)
LP: S. Gray (1-11)
S: D. Paulino (2)
HR: GB - B. Lawrie (6), J. Panik (8); RB - A. Rendon (19), J. Bruce (38), 
S. Piscotty 2 (12)
** 3 hits for Villar & Piscotty (who adds 5 RBI) **
Arizona vs Westchester
What? The Wombats are back again? They were just here 2 weeks ago! The 
Wombies, cellar dwellers with Jonesboro, are here to play the spoiler 
role as the Dust Devils sit 3.5 games back of the East Coast Ortiz 
Rocks-it-outta-heres in the AL West. 

Game 1:  Matt Garza (11-13) vs. Aaron Nola (9-13)

Votto, in the 3rd, and Russell Martin in the 4th, each hit 2 run homers 
staking the Wombats to a 4-0 lead.

Lamb smacks a 2 runner for the Devils in the home 4th to ignite a 6 run 
rally as the Devils take a 6-4 lead.

The good feeling lasts until Grossman whacks a 3 run triple in the top of 
the 6th putting the Wombats up 7-6!

The Wombats continue the onslaught collecting 4 more in the 8th to take an 
11-6 lead.

May as well pile it on .. the Wombats tack on another 2 in the 9th to make 
it 13-6 and that's the final.

Votto has 4 hits, Cozart and Martin 3 apiece for the visiting hackers.

      R  H E

WES  13 14 1 
ARZ   6  7 0  

W: Worley (7-1)  L: J.C. Ramirez (0-3) 
HR: WES – Votto (33), Martin (13), Cozart (12) ; ARZ – Lamb (26), Pham (5)

Game 2:  Doug Fister (5-16) vs. Seth Lugo (4-4)

Cano smacks a 1st inning solo shot gives the Wombats a 1-0 lead.

Moreland gets payback with interest in the home 1st swatting a 3 run homer 
to right, 3-1 Arizona.

Galvis makes it 5-1 with a 2 run double in the 6th sending Fister to the 

The Wombats put up a scare in the 8th loading the bases with 2 outs but 
Addison Reed comes in to save Barrett's butt by striking out Healy.

Moreland has 4 hits, scores 3 and knocks in 3 in the Arizona win.

     R  H E

WES  1  4 1 
ARZ  6 14 0 

W: Lugo (5-4)  L:  Fister (5-17)  S:  A Reed (12)
HR: WES – Cano (38) ; ARZ – Moreland (19)

Game 3:  Robert Stephenson (2-7) vs. Matt Moore (12-7)

A Lamb blam anagram with 2 aboard puts Arizona up 3-0 in the 1st. 

Stephenson doesn’t get out of the 2nd as Miller V saw enough after Robert 
gives up a 4th run, 4-0 Arizona.

Moore walks the base loaded with 1 out in the top of the 3rd. He then faces 
the human base on balls machine Joey Votto who .. strikes out! Cano dribbles 
one to 1st to end the threat.

Franco takes a Galvis liner off the leg in the 4th and will miss 3 games with 
the contusion. The Devils add 4 more in the inning, 2 on a Dahl long distance 
call, 8-0 after 4.

Top of the 5th, turnabout is fair play, Galvis gets hurt fielding a Cozart 
smash and leaves the game. A run scores on the play and Votto triples in another 
making it 8-2 in the 5th.

David Ross grunts one out with a runner on in the 8th, 8-4 Dust Devils.

The Wombats threaten in the 8th but the Devils bullpen holds on for the 8-4 win.

     R  H E

WES  4  0 0 
ARZ  8 12 1 

W: Moore (13-7)  L:  Stephenson (2-8)  S: Broxton (1)
HR: WES – Ross (9) ; ARZ – Lamb (27), Dahl (10)

Game 4:  Christian Friedrich (7-13) vs. Taijuan Walker (10-10)

Healy doubles in Cano putting the Wombats up 1-0 in the 1st.

Odor belts one out with Lamb on board as the Devils take a 2-1 lead in the 2nd.

Yan Gomes blasts a 3 run homer to finish off a 4 run bottom of the 4th 
as Arizona claims a 6-1 lead.

Haniger knocks a solo home in the top of the 5th, 6-2.

Cozart singles in a run in the 6th, 6-3 Arizona.

Pollock swats a 2 run homer giving Arizona an 8-3 lead in the 7th.

Haniger triples in a pair in the 8th. Devenski hits Maybin, Maybin leaves
the game and will miss another 24 – done for the year. Ross steps to the 
plate and Devenski hits him to load the bases. Savior Addison Reed comes in 
and gets Cano on a grounder to second and nails down the 9th for an 8-5 Devils 

     R  H E

WES  5 10 0 
ARZ  8 12 0 

W: Walker (11-10)  L:  Friedrich (7-14)  S:  A Reed (13)
HR: WES – Haniger (8) ; ARZ – Odor (22), Y Gomes (4), Pollock (3)

Game 5:  Alex Gonzalez (1-2) vs. Albert Suarez (8-10)

The Devils put up a 5 spot in the 5th with 2 coming on a bases loaded 
sure-DP-grounder to Cozart that he throws away. 

Suarez throws 8 shutout innings in a 5-1 Devils win.

Alexei Ramirez broke up the shutout with a solo homer in the 9th. 

     R H E

WES  1 7 1 
ARZ  5 9 0 

W: Suarez (9-10)  L:  Gonzalez (1-3) 
HR: WES – A Ramirez(6)

The Devils take the series 4 games to 1 and move to within 2 games of 
the top spotting Rockies. The Wombats head to Jonesboro for a 6 game matchup 
while the Devils await the arrival of East Coast for a fate determining 6 
game series!
Week of September 9
Brooklyn vs Reed
We're in intradivisional play for the remainder of the season as the Codgers 
are at home to play the Beavers.

Game 1 - Villar opens with a lead-off homerun off Verlander.  Codgers come 
right back with a 3 spot capped by Longoria's 22nd.  Granderson gets his 22nd 
in the next frame.  They knock out McCullers after only 1 1/3 innings but 
lefty Anderson is met by still another dinger, this time by Yelich for a 7-1 
lead.  Meanwhile pitcher Anderson gets into the act with a solo shot in the 
5th, then Villar back-to-back with his second of the game.  It's homerun city 
in this game so far with 6 by inning #5.  It stays that way as Verlander 
completes the game for his 16th win. 

Game 2 - Codgers race to a 5-1 lead by inning three capped by another 2 run 
shot by Granderson.  Codgers get another on another Yelich homerun and win 7-2, 
Sale the win,  Chase Anderson the loss.

Game 3 - Beavers bash Fulmer around (his ERA is going well north of 4 and his 
record a dismal 6-12, about to be 6-13, amazing for a 13 with a G) and he barely 
lasts 5 innings.  O'Day comes in and Rendon smashes his 17th for a 6-0 lead.  
Morgan goes 56 shutout innings.  Travis makes it a laugher in the 7th with a 
rand salami off Casilla.  Codgers break up the shutout with 2 in the 9th but 
it's still a 10-2 loss.

Game 4 - Beavers take a 3-0 lead with a 2 run Joseph blast in the 4th off 
Odorizzi.  Codgers tie it only to fall behind 6-3 as Shaw gives up a tie-breaking 
single and Claudio a double in the 7th.  Morin comes in in the bottom of the 
inning to try for a hold but the Codgers tie it on Carpenter's triple with the 
bases loaded.  Grimm lets the tie dissolve with a wild pitch.  Kintzler gets a 
2 inning save as Claudio gets the win and Morin the loss (and blown save)

Game 5 - Beavers build a 4-2 lead into the 9th when underachiever stopper 
Osuna gives up a solo shot to Gomez.  They win 5-3 as Marquez gets the win, 
Casilla the loss, Barraclough the save.

So Brooklyn loses 2 of the final 3 yet takes the series 3 games to 2. They 
stay at home to face second place Tidewater while Reed goes home to host Green 
Westchester vs East Coast
East Coast comes in to Westchester and unlike the past doesn't worry 
about catching Westchester, but is focused on protecting the slim lead 
over Arizona.

Game 1:  East Coast 10, Westchester 6

East Coast     10  18  1
Westchester    6    8   1
W-Gregerson (6-3); L-Gsellman (5-1)

Game 2:   East Coast 6, Westchester 1

East Coast   6  14  0
West.           1    6  2
W-Jenkins (4-12); L-Stevenson (2-7)

Game 3:  East Coast 7, Westchester 4

East Coast     7  12   1
Westch.         4    8   0
W-Keuchel  (13-8);  L-Fister (5-16)

Game 4:  Westchester 3, East Coast 1
East Coast     1  8   1
Westch.         3   9  2
W-Peralta (5-15);  L-Santiago (9-10)

Game 5:   East Coast 11, Westchester 3
East Coast   11  14  0
West              3    5   3
W-Liriano (16-8); L-Frierich (7-13)

So, after taking series from Arizona, Wombats further help the Rockies by 
dropping 4 of 5.

Next, Westchester travels to Arizona and East Coast returns home to host 
Gulf Breeze vs Freeport
It's too late for the Rebels to make a run at the top spot in the division, but 
they played well and took down the top team, Freeport, 3 games to 2.  Still, 
though, it was a series where it could have easily been a sweep, but heck- we'll 
take it.

Gm 1: Fre 6-7-0  GB 3-11-1  Tied at 2 in the 9th, Bandits erupt for 4.  With 2 
outs in that fateful inning Davis smacked an rbi single for the lead, then Pedro 
Alvarez went Baltimore Special (15) and that was it.  Delgado started the home 
9th for Freeport and he allowed 2 singles and a HBP.  Abreu then walked to force 
in one, but Orlando threw Kim out at the plate from the wall in right, and that 
would be it.  Remind me to move those walls out a few more feet.  So Tommy Layne 
backed in to the win (4-1) and Ynoa saved his 3rd.  King Felix (9-10) lost it, 
but it was Uehara that pitched the worst.  Alvarez was 2 for 4 with those 3 rbi 
for the Banditos.

Gm 2: Fre 4-5-1  GB 5-6-0  Another quiet game until late, the Breeze leading 
1-0 on Werth's solo (19) through 7.  Another late Bandit rally was in the offing, 
though, and today's 8th featured 4 runs (almost like yesterday) including a 2 out 
Cabrera rbi single and a 3R Alvarez bomb (16).  It was de ja vu all over again.  
But this time, the home team had a response Lowrie smoked a 2 run double and Colon 
followed with a single to tie it.  We headed to the home 9th tied at 4, and Werth 
ended it with a 2 bagger.  Syndergaard (9-10) over Hamels (16-8).  Werth finished 
3 for 4 for the Rebs.

Gm 3: Fre 5-9-0  GB 2-3-0  Alvarez homered yet again in the first- but this 
time it was just a 2 run dong (17) and a pair of GB SF knotted things in the 
home half.  Things remained that way until the late innings- when we all know 
the Breeze collapses like a wet taco.  True to form, Kemp soloed in the 9th 
(23) and a later 2R Henrick double made the final margin 5-2.  Layne again (5-1) 
over Iglesias (6-10) with McAllister saving his 1st.  All 3 of the Gulf Breeze 
hits were in the first, and Kyle Hendricks deserved better.

Gm 4: Fre 3-7-0  GB 4-9-1  Moss' 2 out 2R double was offset by Orlando's 2 out 
2R dying quail and it was 2 all after 4 1/2.  Werth responded with a 2R blast 
in the home 5th setting up the late innings for the Bandits.  Sure enough, 
Cabrera led off the 9th with a blast (25) and after a E5, Allen got a whiff 
and a GIDP to save his 26th, limiting Freeport's late inning scoring to just 
a single tally.  Pomeranz (10-14) won it, Archie Bradley lost it, despite 9 
punch outs in 5 frames.  Bandits were good enough to bounce in to 4 DPs.

Gm 5: Fre 3-8-3  GB 21-20-0  Ho-hum.  Who had the Breeze in the 21 run pool?  
Haven't had one of these in a long time, but R.Lopez (2-3) was shellacked and 
3 other Freeport hurlers didn't fare much better.  Bauer (10-11) was amply 
supported in the win.  Moya (5) and Margot (1) left the building and Valencia 
(3 for 4, 4 runs) and Bandy (3 for 4, 3 runs, 2 rbi) topped the list of big 
offensive day players.

So we move the Rebels to Louisiana next week for a battle with the Cajuns, 
while Freeport heads home to take on 2nd place Beantown.
Mokena vs San Diego
Game 1:
San Diego 8-13-0 
Mokena    10-13-0

Koehler vs Manaea

Russell and Rua homer for Mokena and 5 Roozys collect two hits each to help
Mokena keep a game long barrage of baserunners. Santana homers for San Diego
and Fowler goes 3-5. Bullpens were aweful in this one.

Game 2:
San Diego 6-7-1 
Mokena    4-8-0

Lewis vs Zimmerman

Bryant (2 rbi) and Cabrera (2 rbi) homer to pace San Diego in a comeback win.
Harper and McCutchen (3-4)  homer for Mokena in the loss. Lewis (7-6) gets
the win while Zimmerman (4-6) gets the loss.

Game 3:
San Diego 13-13-0 
Mokena    0-3-4

Samardzija vs Chatwood

Rizzo (3-3, 6 RBI) homers as does Solarte (3 RBI) to provide most of the San Diego
offense in the win. Samardzija (17-6) goes all 9 and goes 2-4 with 2 RBI as well
to earn the win. Chatwood (5-9) only lasts 3.2 giving up 7 ER takes the loss.

Game 4:
San Diego 11-14-0 
Mokena    13-17-2

Stripling vs Cain

Score is 8-6 Mokena after the 2nd inning! Lucroy (3-5, 5 RBI) hits 2 homers and Perez
(3 triples, 5 RBI) provide the offense for Mokena. Rizzo (3-4, 4 RBI) homers for
San Diego. 31 hits combined and most were singles. Stripling (4-5) lasts 1.1 innings,
giving up 7 ER takes the loss. Cain lasts 1.1 innings as well, but Bettis gets the win
going 4.2 innings in relief.

Game 5:
San Diego 3-8-1 
Mokena    5-9-1

Kuhl vs Quintana

San Diego led 3-1 into the 8th, but Hendriks comes in and gives up 4 ER and two homers
to allow Mokena to scrape out a win. Perez hits a 2 run homer for the difference after
Harper hit a 2 run homer 3 batters earlier. Puig homers for San Diego and has 2 RBI.

Mokena takes 3 of 5
Chappaqua vs Durham

Game 1


The Lucky Strikes win the series opener as rookie Jharrel Cotton (1-2) allows 
only 4 this over 7 innings and outpitches Comets ace Jose Fernandez (7-11). 
Durham took a 3-0 lead on a first inning RBI single by Eric Hosmer, a bases 
loaded walk to Hosmer in the 6th and a sac fly by Jody Mercer, also in the 6th. 
Chappaqua got a run back in the bottom of the 7th to make it 3-1. Hosmer then 
belted his 27th HR of the year in the top of the 9th off Fernando Rodriguez to 
make it 4-1. That insurance run was the difference as the Comets scored two in 
the bottom of the 9th to make the final score 4-3. With the bases loaded and 2 
out, trailing 4-1, Jace Peterson singled to make it 4-2. Then PH Jason Bour 
walked forcing in a run to make it 4-3. At that point Durham took RP Knebel 
out of the game and brought in ex-Comet reliever Keone Kela to face a red hot 
Melky Cabrera. Kela got Cabrera to ground out to pick up his second save of the 

Game 2

CHA 9  DUR 8

A wild one goes to the Comets as the teams combine for 16 runs and 28 hits. 
Durham struck first when Luis Valbuena hit a first inning 3 run HR (17) off 
Comets starter Mike Leake (12-9, 5 IP 11 H 7 R). The Comets came right back 
in the bottom of the first scoring on a passed ball (by Drew Butera), a sac 
fly by Kyle Sege and a big 2 run HR by Adam Duvall- his 22nd of the season. 
4-3 Chappaqua after 1. In the second the Comets continued to pound away against 
Durham starter and ex-Comet Nick Tropeano. He would soon be replaced by Tommy 
Milone as Chappaqua scored three more times in the second inning – on a HR by 
Melky (13) a double by Kendry Morales and a single by Seager (100th RBI).

Leading 7-3 in the third Leake almost gave the lead away as Butera homered (3) 
to make it 74, Smolinski singled to make it 7-5, and Milone helped his own cause 
with n RBI single to make it 7-6. The Comets then got what proved to be a big 
insurance run in the bottom of the 3rd on an RBI single by Brandon Crawford, 
making it 8-6. It was a big run as Durham scored yet again in the 4th on a 
double by Johnny Giavotella, making it 8-7. Chappaqua made it 9-7 in the 5th 
on a single by Morales (81 RBIs).

After that, the Comets bullpen took over and shut out Durham the rest of the 
way as the combination of Kevin Siegrist, Steve Cishek and Matt Burns allowed 
only 2 hits over 4 innings. Burns picked up his 25th save.

Game 3

CHA 6  DUR 1

An easy win this time for Chappaqua as they score 5 in the second against 
starter and loser Chris Rea (8-13). The big blow was a 3 run HR by Melky Cabrera, 
his second in as many days and his 14th of the year. Buster Posey added a solo 
shot (8) in the 8th. Chris Tillman (11-11, 3.81) pitched a solid 8 innings 
(4H, 1R, 6 K) to get the win for the Comets.

Game 4


The Comets win their third in a row as Scott Kazmir (9-6, 3.81) goes 8 
innings to get the win allowing only 5 hits and 2 runs. Kazmir gave up his 
2 runs in the first inning when Hosmer hit a 2 run HR, his second of the 
series and 28th of the season. Chappaqua tied it in the bottom of the first 
when Kendry Morales hit a 2 run HR (26) off starter and loser T Wilson (5-11). 
The winning run scored in the 4th when Kazmir helped his own cause with an 
RBI single to make it 3-2. A solo HR by Seager (34), another RBI single by 
Kazmir (.136) and yet another HR by Melky (15) closed out the scoring. Cabrera 
now has 3 HRs in 3 games.

Game 5

CHA 11 DUR 4

Another easy win for the Comets as they take their fourth in a row against 
Durham. It was another ex-Comet pitcher, James Shields (3-6) who this time 
was routed by his old mates. Chappaqua scored 5 in the first and 4 in the 
third against a beleaguered Shields. The big blows were a 2 run HR by Mike 
Napoli (22), a 2 run HR by Jace Peterson (6) and a 2 run blast by Adam Duvall 
(23). Ariel Miranda (3-2, 6.29) pitched 8 innings to get the win for Chappaqua.  
Crawford and Peterson each had 3 hits for the Comets.

Chappaqua is now 13-3 on the season against Durham. The Comets improve their 
record to 75-65, second in the NL East. They trail San Diego for the wild card 
by 7.5 games pending the results of San Diego’s series at Mokena.

Durham drops to 44-98, last in the NL East and with the worst record in WIBL. 
The Lucky Strikes can look forward to the first pick in the 2018 draft.

Next up: With just 22 games to go, the Comets next host division rival 
Stamford for a 6 game series, needed to win almost all of their remaining 
games and hope others give them help against San Diego. Durham will host NL 
East (and WIBL best) Greensboro.
Tidewater vs Green Bay
Green Bay comes to visit Tidewater. Tidewater rips off two quick victories
and then , if it can go wrong for Tidewater, it went wrong!

Gm.1  TID  9-4

Y.Ventura K's 9, leaves it to the bullpen after 6.1 and picks up win #10 
against R, Nolasco (8-11). D. Gregorius and M.Conforto combine for 5 hits, 
5 RBI, and 2 Homers to lead a 12 hit attack. J.Ramirez (8) and T.Story (21) 
went yard for Green Bay.

Gm.2  TID 11-4

M.Andriese (5-11) stumbles through 8 innings and Green Bay's B.Norris (5-6) 
lasts 6 batters giving up 6 runs. C.Young's grand slam (hr #9) highlighted a 
8 run 1st. E. Inciarte added 4 hits and D.Gregorius 3 as the Drillers pounded 
out 18 base knocks. 6 of the Gamblers' 8 hits came from the first 4 batters 
with J.Ramirez and B.Miller getting 2 each.

Gm.3  GBG  10-9

The Drillers outhit, out extra-based, out homered and our starter out pitched 
the Gamblers. BUT Green Bay OUTSCORED Tidewater and that's all that counts. 
J.Ramirez continued to hit, pounding out 3 more knocks and N.Cruz was a solid 
4-4 with a 3-run triple and a total of 4 RBI. C. Dickerson contributed a 3-run 
homer and A.Almonte a PH 2-run single. J. de la Rosa (8-8) took the win,...
T.Aldeman (2-6) the loss.

Gm.4  GBG  8-4

Tidewater got 2 RBI from M.Conforto, including a solo home run and led 2-1 
in the 6th. J.Gray was doing well on the mound,...and then the sky fell. 
Pinch hitter N.Cruz laced a 2-run triple into the corner for the lead in the 
7th, D.Lee lofted a 3-run big fly and D.Norris followed shortly with a solo, set, match.

Gm.5  GBG  15-0

Can't say a thing. 19 hits. T.Story 4-5, 2 HRs (22,23). 3 RBI. C.Dickerson 
2-6, 3 RBI, HR (23), B.Lawrie 3-5, 4 RBI, triple, E,Carrera 3-6, 3 RBI. It 
was devastating.

Green Bay flexes its muscle and Drills the Drillers.  GBG 3-2 series win.
Coney Island vs Tampa
NL West top and bottom meeting - but it's September so expect teams to be pesky 
(especially if the home team has thin pitching).

Game 1 - the Stingrays start right up plating 2 in the 1st. Pagan got it started a
single, the 1st of 4 hits for him in the game. Castellanos gets beaned and Flowers 
doubles them home. In the 5th The Rays get 2 more for a 4-0 lead. Snell pitching 
brilliantly but in the 6th Hechavarria makes an error and when the dust settles the 
Cyclones get 4 runners across the plate (all unearned) - 2 driven in my a Beltre 
double and it's a tie game.  As things have worked for the Cyclones, they enter 
the 9th tied, way behind in hits and yet, still alive. Desmond leads off with a 
single and steals 2nd. Teixeira then walks and they pull off a double steal. 
Infield in, surprise Cyclone of the year (gave up our 1st round pick for him) 
Ketel Marte (sporting .317 average - THANKS GREENSBORO!) comes up and grounds 
one up the middle, Ramirez knocks it down, recovers fires home and Desmond is 
safe on the FC and it's all over.  5-4 Cyclones.

TAM 4-9-1 LP Ramirez (3-4) BS (2)
CIC  5-5-0 WP Belisle (4-2)

Game 2 - Stingrays again build a lead - a bigger lead. Castellanos doubles and 
homers (13) driving in 4, Flowers hits 2 doubles and drives in 2 and it 7-0 after 
5. Cyclones send the starters home. Eickhoff going strong ... but wait ... 
Beltre sticks around (3 hits) and a homer (21) in the 7th, Thompson gets an rbi 
double in the 8th and Shaw cracks a 3 run homer (13) in the 9th. But then it 
comes to an end and Tampa hangs on to win - May had to come in in the 9th to get 
the final 2 outs for the save (1) and he did! Eickhoff wins it (8-12) and 
Holland loses it (6-6)

Game 3 - Cyclones only manage 6 hits and half that many errors - and yet they 
win the game 5-0! Pedroia (12) and Beltre (22) hit homers and each drives in 2 
and the 2 run 7th and 8th gave the home team the breathing room that Gonzalez 
(W, 12-5) deserved (3 hits, 7.1 innings, 1 walk, 6 Ks). Miley (6-15) takes the 
loss, but his lackluster offense was just as much the problem.

Game 4 - Davies (10-7) goes the distance earning the W in this one.  6 hits, 
6 ks and only 1 run (Desmond 9th inning homer [16]). Giving Davies the support  
was, well Davies among other. He got the 1st of three straight hits in the 5th 
leading to 1 run on Pederson's double. Cron drove in a 2nd run. Then in the 6th
with runners on the corners, Davies comes up and bounces one to Pedroia - over 
to 2nd for 1, but Davies beats out the through to 1st and drives in run #3.  
That was all the Rays offense, but it was enough in the 3-1 Tampa win. Nova 
pitches well, but takes the L (14-5).

Game 5 - series tied a 2 each and Cyclones head to San Diego next week in what 
is once again shaping up as pivotal series. Iwakuma and Roark are the pitchers. 
Shaw starts the scoring in the 2nd with a lead-off homer (16). Pederson takes 
Roark over the wall (19) in the 4th to tie it. Tie quickly ends when Teixeira 
connects (10) for a 2 run shot in the bottom of the 4th. Pedroia drives in 
another in the 5th and Teixeira (2 for 3, 2 rbis) comes up again and new Rays 
pitcher Ramirez beans him (and Teix will miss 6 days!!)  Hey!!  But that was 
the extent Tampa's offense the rest of the game - pretty offensive if you ask 
me. Roark (16-6) goes 6.1 for the W, Iwakuma (7-12) takes the loss.

Tampa was not nice to the home team grabbing 2 of the 5 games definitely
keeping things in the NL West interesting.  Coney travels to the West Coast 
to play the Armadilos. Tampa goes to Mokena.
Greensboro vs Stamford
Sep't. 5 - Wainwright faces Max in the opener.  The Jays take it 7-4 with a 
4-run fourth inning.  JBJ hits #20, and Trout (#29) and Giancarlo (#25) also 

Sep't. 6 - de la Rosa versus Lester in game 2.  The Hopper bats come alive in 
this one as they clobber the Jays, 12-2.  Cuthbert (#13), Nunez (#11), Pujos 
(#24 and #25), and Phillips (#14) go yard.

Sep't. 7 - Mike Clevenger opposes Dylan Bundy in this one.  The Jays return the 
favor as they beat up on rusty Bundy, 10-3.  Segura (#16), Braun (#28), and 
Cuthbert (#14) homer.

Sep't. 8 - Cessa faces Martin Perez in game 4.  Greensboro takes this one, 10-5, 
in another slugfest.   Perez manages to go the route, winning his first of the 
season.  Braun hits 2 and now has 30, and Sal Perez hits #16.

Sep't. 9 - Paxton and Lackey in the finale.  Stamford takes this one, 9-2, and 
they take 3 of the 5 contests.   

The Hoppers now head cross-state to Durham while Stamford heads north to face 
the Comets.